The Adorable Stocking Stuffer That’s Also a Medicine Cabinet Essential

published Nov 14, 2021
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Credit: Welly

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For years, I had the most timid kid around. Slides? Only if they were three feet from the ground. Jungle gyms? Never looked at one in her life. But then, she went to kindergarten, and my clinging-to-the-skirts daughter transformed into an absolute daredevil. She wanted to careen down every zipline with the big kids, chase her friends up and down the climbing walls, throw down in mud puddles. It was amazing to see her newfound independence, but a necessary side effect of all that adventurousness? So many boo-boos. 

Scrapes, cuts, bruises, blisters, you name it — we were going through Band-Aids like no one’s business. But lest you wonder: My madcap girl never lost her style, so she was very picky about the bandages she chose. None of that out-of-the-box beige variety for her, thanks. 

So when I saw Welly’s newest collaboration with Eva Chen, I couldn’t resist picking it up for my daughter. The wellness bundle includes a ton of goodies, including a hardcover copy of “Oh No! The Talent Show,” a brilliant little book about two vivacious little dinosaurs trying to find their talents for the annual school show. The bundle also includes Welly’s signature products, like bravery badges (Band-Aids) in tie-dye colors and patterns that are oh-so-kid-friendly; kicker stickers for those blisters bound to crop up after adventure hikes; blemish bandages; and the cutest multicolored tins around. There’s even a sticker sheet of Roxy, the book’s dinocorn (dinosaur + unicorn) protagonist!

I wrapped the book separately as a gift, then bundled up the little bandaids and stickers for her stocking. I know she’ll be delighted by the colorful designs and cool branding (who wouldn’t want a bravery badge of their own?), and I’m tickled that I found a gift that’s both fun and useful. Celebrate all the adventurous littles in your life with a kit that’ll soothe the ouchies while also stoking their imaginations.