This Kitchen Unitasker Does One Thing So Well, I’m Never Going to Give It Up

published Feb 8, 2023
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Graphic showing the Tovolo kiwi tool with a scooped out kiwi, and on a kitchen table ready for use
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As a serious food person, I’m supposed to eschew gadgets and tell you that all you need is a trusty chef’s knife and maybe two pans. But if you open my kitchen drawers and cupboards, you’ll find an array of unitaskers—and I will not be apologizing. 

One of my very favorite of these tools is Tovolo’s kiwi cutter, which nestles in my kitchen drawer. During my pregnancy I nearly always ate two kiwis per day, and now my daughter is obsessed with them as well. To use this tool, you cut a kiwi in half, insert the metal rings into it until it hits the bottom but doesn’t go through, then twist (my preference is into a bowl). Suddenly, you have an empty kiwi shell and several neat chunks of kiwi. 

I grew up eating kiwi with a spoon, getting myself somewhat sticky in the process. My husband didn’t grow up with kiwi and was initially trying to peel each one (which takes about three years) before cutting it up for our daughter. 

My aunt works at a kitchen store and she knows my love of gadgets—this appeared in my stocking last year and I use it constantly. I love not dreading the moment when my daughter asks for yet another kiwi. I love that I can pop it in the dishwasher and then back into the drawer. I don’t care that it does only one thing, I love that it does that one thing so very well. 

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