I’m Very Picky About Scents, But This Hand Soap Is Christmas In a Bottle and We’re All Obsessed

updated Nov 29, 2023
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graphic showing hand soap bottle alone and in use while someone is washing their hands at the kitchen sink
Credit: Thymes

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For the last three years – basically as soon as the last bit of Thanksgiving turkey has been consumed – I’ve swapped all the hand soaps in my house to what is, no exaggeration, the most wonderful and heavenly-smelling winter soap ever. Normally I find scented candles and soaps too strong and artificial-smelling, but this soap is the exception. My kids call it the “Christmas soap” and they know things are about to get super festive when they see it pop up next to every sink in the house.

Why Thymes Frasier Fir Hand Wash Is the Best Holiday Soap

So, let’s talk about this soap. It’s called Frasier Fir and it’s made by Thymes, a candle and fragrance company headquartered in Minneapolis. I first heard about the soap from my very classy neighbor, who told me she buys it every winter.

The scent evokes, and I quote, “the aromatic snap of crisp Siberian fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood.” To me it smells exactly like an extremely fragrant evergreen tree, but without any of the artificial eh-not-quite-ness you usually get in a hand wash like this. It’s simply wintry and wonderful.

Now everyone in my house uses it throughout the month of December, and well into January and beyond. It doesn’t dry out our hands terribly, which is an added bonus, and it makes a fabulous hostess gift.

I’m pretty picky about scents in my home, but this one is just perfect.