These Vintage Disney Items Might Be Worth Up to $15,000

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Turns out, Disney merchandise isn’t only for the young and young at heart, it can also make you big bucks.

A study from The Family Vacation Guide recently revealed which Disney products have sold for the most money in the past year. Taking a look at eBay sales data, the travel brand found that the top 10 most expensive items cost thousands of dollars, with the top two both selling for $15,000.

  1. Splash Mountain Walt Disney World Prop ($15,000)
  2. 12 Authentic Walt Disney World Signs ($15,000)
  3. Disney Movie Club Copy of Chicken Little ($11,650)
  4. 19 Disney Black Diamond VHSs ($10,000)
  5. Walt Disney’s Masterpiece Collection: Snow White ($10,000)
  6. Black Diamond VHS of Robin Hood ($7,500)
  7. Donald Duck Milk Bottle ($7,301)
  8. Full Size R2D2 Prop ($7,000)
  9. Black Diamond VHS of Beauty and the Beast ($7,000)
  10. Little Mermaid Controversial Cover ($6,453)

Why are these items so pricey? For the Splash Mountain prop, it’s the most expensive merch because of its sudden rarity. Due to the theme park ride closing, there won’t be more of these props in the future. 

The 12 Walt Disney World Signs, meanwhile, are all displayed in the Princess Fairytale Hall where visitors have the memorable experience of meeting their favorite characters. 

And as for the “Chicken Little” VHS, it’s as rare as it is popular. The study explains: “Predating the development of Disney+ was a service called Disney Movie Club in which people could purchase special editions of the latest Disney films for a discounted price. One of these movies was Chicken Little, and a few VHS versions of the film were released to a small selection of lucky fans.”

There are plenty of other insights for those planning to invest in Disney merch. For instance, the Donald Duck Bendy Toy’s price has risen from $2 to $45.52 on average — a 2,176 percent increase in value since 1985. 

Another item, the Mickey Mouse Sorcerer Pen, has seen its value rise by 2,582 percent with its original price at $1, and now being sold for $26.82. As for pins, the Little Mermaid Pin #36939 has been the most sought-after, with its price increasing from $26.26 in 2005 to $948.60 today — a 3,512 percent increase in value.

“The global popularity of so many Disney films has naturally resulted in the release of lots of merchandise. Their ongoing legacy in the movie and television sector has meant that products that were once cheap have now skyrocketed in price…” wrote The Family Vacation Guide. 

“With items ranging from a whole host of categories and characters, there may be a chance that you have something laying around your house that could make you some money!”

You can read the full study, with insight into items like clothing, kitchenware, and more, here.

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