I Bought This Product When I Was Potty-Training My Toddler, and It Was Totally Worth $40

published May 17, 2022
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Potty training. Those two words are sure to bring up A LOT of feelings, because let’s face it, potty training isn’t easy. There are countless books out there explaining the methods and breaking down the how-tos. From sticker charts, to reward systems, to fancy training potties, parents are inundated with information on “the best ways” to get their little ones out of diapers forever!

But for small space dwellers, there’s a detail that can often be missed from those how-tos. How do you make your bathroom accessible for a toddler, when you don’t have the space?! 

Why a toddler potty wasn’t an option

For my wife and me, our biggest dilemma with potty training wasn’t what method to choose, but how to make our tiny New York City bathroom accessible for our toddler. The standing area in the bathroom of our apartment is extremely tight, measuring 5 feet by 2 feet. When we were ready to start potty training with our oldest daughter, we researched several toddler-sized potty chairs, but quickly realized that we didn’t have any available space in the bathroom to store the potty seat or a removable potty training toilet ring. We had already purchased a stool for the bathroom so that she’d be able to reach the sink unassisted, and there simply wasn’t space for another toddler-sized item.

After some careful research, we discovered the product to help solve our problem. 5 years later, it is still helping to make our bathroom accessible for our three daughters. It also has the perfect name: it’s called TinyHiney.

The solution to our problem

The TinyHiney converts an adult-sized toilet seat into a toddler-sized seat. To make the toilet accessible to young children, you simply open the toilet seat and then pull down the smaller toddler ring. The toddler ring does not pull off, which means that it’s safe and secure for little ones. PLUS there’s nothing extra to store.

To install, you remove the standard toilet seat by unscrewing the nuts and bolts from the back of the toilet bowl. You then attach the TinyHiney with the accompanying hardware. The installation process is incredibly easy and only takes minutes. 

When the toddler seat isn’t in use, you just lift it back up and it magnetically stores in the toilet lid, which converts the ring back to an adult-sized toilet seat. The toddler seat also includes bumpers to prevent fingers from getting pinched and comes in a variety of styles. Not all toilet bowls have the same shape, so TOPSEAT (the brand behind the TinyHiney), has developed seats for round toilet bowls and elongated toilet seats. They even sell the toilet seat in a variety of kid-friendly patterns and colors. 

My wife and I are beginning to potty train our youngest daughter, and the same TinyHiney that we purchased over 5 years ago is still holding strong. It has helped to make our bathroom accessible to our young daughters while also maximizing the small footprint of our bathroom.