The Cheapest Days To Book a Flight, According To a Flight Attendant

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With rising fuel prices, airline ticket costs have gone sky-high (no pun intended). But thanks to an airline employee on TikTok, you might just score your cheapest flights yet.

Chicago-based flight attendant Megan Homme has revealed how to save money on airfare by knowing which days and times to book, and which day to fly. In her video, she shares that the best day to hop on your laptop and book a flight is on Saturdays and Sundays, between 6 a.m. and noon. As for the day you’ll actually fly, Homme says that Tuesdays are the cheapest departure dates.

“I’m not making these up, these were presented to us like one of my first few weeks at work,” she said.

Other users also gave advice in the comments section, for instance: “I’ll also add that the price can vary a lot depending on the website you use. There’s no one site that’s consistently cheaper so always check around!”

Another said that, for domestic flights, booking some 40 days ahead of your trip is the sweet spot for getting the most inexpensive tickets.

Take note that Homme included a disclaimer, saying that price differences are minimal, so don’t expect costs to be wildly lower if you book on the advised days and times. Still, with travel being more expensive than ever these days, it’s always worth a try!

You can check out Megan Homme’s TikTok account for more air travel tips and industry secrets here.

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