Graphic showing a round up of four toys from The Tot: Color-In Superhero Cape,x Matador Explorer Wooden Construction Set, Treasure Tubes, and an Aeromax Astronaut Suit
Credit: The Tot

The 24 Best Toys from The Tot

published Nov 18, 2022
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You probably know The Tot for their carefully curated nursery gear, children’s decor, playthings and clothing. They are known for high standards for materials and items that are made to be timeless, beautiful, and heirloom quality. To us, this sounds like a great place to do some gift shopping!

We’ve selected some of our very favorite things for gifting, or putting on a wish list. One of the challenges is always limiting products from the same favorite brands, so if you like the look of something but it isn’t quite what you’re going for, be sure to explore their other offerings, or add more than one thing to your list (no judgement here). 

Our Top Pick

It’s always tough to choose a favorite, so this time I’m going with two. If budget is no issue, then the gorgeous Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen + Hood is the hot ticket. For starters, it’s at least as nice as my actual kitchen, and frankly makes me want to remodel. The piece is a big investment, no question, but it’s impeccably constructed, made of safe materials, while offering all of the invitations to play that kids love. It’ll work for little ones, older siblings, grandkids of all ages. Why do dollhouses get all the glory? This play kitchen is just as heirloom-worthy and worth passing down.

If that’s not in the cards, then the Matador Construction Set is a wonderful, open-ended gift, with blocks, pliers, and hammers to create all kinds of fabulous structures!

Toys Under $20

1 / 2
The Tot
was $18.00

This charming game is a great way to practice critical thinking and observation and have a lot of fun doing it. It’s ideal for ages 4-8 and comes from a brand committed to eco-friendly practices including avoiding plastics, using recycled materials, and printing with vegetable-based inks.

2 / 2
The Tot

If your little one is always wanting to put on their own makeup, this kit is for you. Created by a mom who couldn’t find play makeup products she felt good about her kids using, these are fun and colorful without compromising safety. This kit includes eye shadow, blush, two lip shimmers and a blush brush/eyeshadow applicator. (If you don’t love the colors or the combos here, check out their other sets.)

Toys $20 – $40

1 / 6
The Tot
was $54.00

This adorable soft doll has plenty of sparkle to add to your child’s bedtime routine or pretend activities. She’s the right size for a variety of accessories, like a doll bed or a pram, and she’s so huggable that she’s sure to be your little one’s new best friend.

2 / 6
The Tot

Who doesn’t need a cape? Make this one bespoke with anti-fading fabric pens. Go with this fun superhero design, or check out one of the other options. This checks the art project box, but also gives them something to wear that they decorated themselves—win, win.

3 / 6
The Tot

Everyone needs a wand—this version is made of rattan and comes with attached streamers in a variety of colors to add a little swish. Perfect for adding to the dress up clothes and costume collection.

4 / 6
The Tot

If your little one is into space (and whose isn’t at some point?) this play mat and accessories might be just the ticket. You’ll find an immersive, washable scene that’s easy to take on the go and includes a three part rocket and an alien spaceship. You can pair with other items from the space range if you so choose. Either way, the pretend play possibilities are endless.

5 / 6
The Tot
was $34.00

Sarah’s Silks is known for creating soft, beautiful textiles for open-ended play. These fun fairy wings are a little more structured, but offer lots of scope for the imagination. They are easy to put on and come with hand holds to make flying a breeze.

6 / 6
The Tot
was $32.00

This fun rubberwood drum is a great beginning percussion instrument. Use either the included rubber mallet or your hand to produce a warm tone. It’s perfect for experimenting with rhythm and playing along with the rest of the family band.

Toys $40+

1 / 16
The Tot

Help your little one reach for the stars with this detailed costume. Choose from a range of colors and sizes to suit your needs. This is a great addition to your dress up items, but can also double as a fabulous Halloween option.

2 / 16

If you’re looking to add some open-ended building play, consider this beechwood set from Matador. These Austrian collections include blocks, pliers and hammers (along with an idea book) to get you and your child on the way to creating all kinds of structures and vehicles. If needed, you can add on more compatible pieces to create an even larger set for future gifts.

3 / 16
The Tot

If your kids are always coming home with treasures, this might be just the gift. These tubes are made of wood and acrylic (no breakages here) and are easy to open. They will shield those precious memories from dust and being accidentally squashed—plus, they make even the most mundane things seem beautiful.

4 / 16
The Tot

If you have a young musician on your hands, it might be time for this simple, streamlined guitar designed just for kids. This Kickstarter favorite makes it easy for kids to play a song on day one with a three string system that teaches chords without complication, and without compromising sound. Plus, it comes in an array of striking colors.

5 / 16
The Tot

If you have the space—this open-ended market stand is a beautiful addition to your pretend play area. It pairs beautifully with a kitchen, but also works as a stand-alone market with limitless possibilities. If your kids aren’t feeling the market at the moment, or you want to switch things up, it makes a perfect classic shelf. Choose from a variety of colors for the (washable) awning and enjoy this timeless piece for years to come.

6 / 16
The Tot

An easel is the perfect gift for the budding artist in your life, and this version is packed with storage to keep everything art in one place. It comes with a roll of paper, clips, no-spill paint cups, an eraser, and bins and trays. Who knows what masterpieces await?

7 / 16
The Tot

This soft succulent garden comes with a cozy snake friend, and soft plants and rocks for a fun, endlessly blooming garden all year. Kids can “plant” their succulents in the rocks, providing a habitat for the snake, and an activity that doubles as grown up decor.

8 / 16
The Tot
was $59.00

This adorable, gender-neutral take on a doll house is also a great tool for learning about time and routines. As your little one takes the bear through his day, they solidify their own rhythms. With beautiful wooden construction, you’ll treasure this one for a long while.

9 / 16
The Tot

If you have a little MD or nurse in training, they might need this beautifully constructed doll medical kit. It has everything for taking care of tiny patients, crafted with wood and textiles. Everything fits in the bag, making it great for tidying up, or on the go.

10 / 16
The Tot

Playing with dolls and stuffed animals is a great way for kids to develop empathy and start to make sense of the world. Nurturing something else gives them the opportunity to practice what they see parents and caregivers doing for them. Though doll play is equally as useful to boys, it’s sometimes hard to find a beautiful doll geared toward them. Little Levi is a doll you’ll love and so will your little ones (girls and boys). Be sure to check out the rest of the range for more options.

11 / 16
The Tot
was $149.00

If you have a bit of outdoor space, this waterways set might be just the ticket for some old-fashioned wonder. Put it together and learn about the properties of water and how it flows, plus enjoy a gorgeous piece of outdoor decor.

12 / 16
The Tot

Start a family tradition that will put food on the table with this beginning gardening kit intended to offer delicious taco toppings. You’ll find everything you need for a mobile container garden, including rooted plants to get you started. It’ll be taco night in no time!

13 / 16
The Tot
was $67.00

Grapat is a respected wooden toy brand for a reason and this perpetual calendar is no exception. Gorgeous colors and inviting figures will make it fun to count the passage of the year together as you learn about months, years, and days.

14 / 16
The Tot
was $65.00

When it comes to play food worth splurging on, these gorgeous veggies from Raduga Grez are always high on the list. They are beautifully painted with water-based paint and come in a cotton bag for easy storage. They are beautiful enough to want to use as decor, and inviting enough to start lots of pretend recipes. If you like these, be sure to check out the other offerings from this brand.

15 / 16
The Tot

Balance bikes offer so many benefits for kids, including making the transition to riding a big kid bike a little easier. This model is sleek and stylish, perfect for passing down to younger siblings of any gender. It includes a bell and is only 8 pounds.

16 / 16
The Tot

This gorgeous kitchen is the stuff of dreams—if dreams were made of beautiful hardwood and safe paint. This unit has everything you need for hours of pretend play, and the hood offers some extra storage. You can buy this without the hood and in different finishes to suit your space, and even add a refrigerator if you so choose.

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