I Bought These Produce Containers From Costco and Immediately Went Back for Another Set

published Apr 27, 2022
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Credit: Shifrah Combiths

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I rarely wander the aisles of Costco because grocery delivery (even before the pandemic) has been a lifesaver for us. But when I do, I love to check out the new products they have on rotation. On a recent trip, the ProKeepers 4-Piece Fresh Produce Keeper Set caught my attention. The set costs $26.99 and comes with four containers in three different sizes.  

I’d seen produce containers featured in pristinely organized refrigerators on social media and planned to get them later on when I take my fridge organization to the next level with bins and turntables. However, when I saw a set at Costco, I decided to take the plunge and try them. 

I brought them home, washed them with warm, soapy water, and filled them with the produce we had in our fridge. After using them for a few days, I discovered that they’re so much more than mere nice containers that make your fridge interior look good. I love them so much that I made a special trip back to Costco just to pick up another set. Here’s how these produce containers have made our kitchen life run more smoothly: 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

They organize the fridge.

These containers are great at organizing the fridge because they are modular and can be neatly stacked. Two of the smaller containers can fit on top of one large one, and if shelf height allows (like if you have adjustable shelves), you could stack the two larger ones as well. The modular containers maximize space and make access a breeze. In addition, the containers are clear, making it easy to see the contents. 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

They prolong the life of produce. 

The produce containers are designed really well. First, the vented bottoms of each container allow water from just-washed produce to flow out, staving off mildew. In addition, each container includes options to control airflow and humidity, allowing you to create ideal conditions for whatever kind of produce you’re storing in them. The sides have vent holes that you can open or close. A bottom tray attaches to each container, letting you add water in order to increase humidity, depending on the type of produce. The most convenient thing is that the lid of each container comes with printed-on instructions about how to store many types of fruits and vegetables so you know whether to allow ventilation and/or add humidity. 

Because our produce lasts longer, we have been able to drastically reduce our waste. For example, I no longer end up tossing parsley that’s gone bad because now it lasts until the next time I need it as an ingredient or garnish. We no longer need to rush to eat our berries before mold claims them. This, of course, saves money and time and it feels really good. 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

They encourage me to prep our food. 

I do not want to put unwashed parsley or dirty carrots in my nice containers. Washed herbs, de-stemmed strawberries, washed blackberries, peeled carrots, etc. are the only kinds of produce I want to put in them. Because the containers encourage me to process our produce before I put it away, I save my future self the task of washing, peeling, de-stemming, etc. This, in turn, makes cooking faster and easier. I thank myself (and my containers!) every time. 

They promote healthy choices. 

Because our produce is already washed and ready to be eaten or cooked with, it’s so much easier to grab berries or carrot sticks as a snack. Without the hurdle of having to wash and cut before eating a snack, it’s so much likely that I’ll grab fruits or veggies for the kids, or for me! My kids are also far more inclined to choose something fresh when they can just grab a handful. 

These produce containers have been such a game-changer for our family in such unexpected ways that I tell everyone, especially people with kids, to pick up a set. I’m honestly tempted to buy another set myself!