The Toys and Products I Used to Keep My 7-Month-Old Twins Entertained Over a 2-Day Road Trip

published Oct 20, 2022
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When my husband and I first started talking about taking our three kids to Disney World, we thought for sure we’d fly from Pennsylvania to Florida. The more we crunched the numbers, however, the more we realized that we would save over a thousand dollars by driving. 

So, we loaded up the family van and buckled in our four-year-old daughter and our seven-month-old twin boys. Before leaving for the trip, I knew I needed a well-stocked toy stash if my twins were going to arrive with smiles on their faces. Sometimes the toy you think kids will absolutely adore flops, so I didn’t rely solely on new toys to entertain them. I knew they would feel the comforts of home with their favorite toys as well. 

I brought a nice mix of new as well as tried and true toys. I also leaned more toward loud, flashy toys for the trip, which is something I typically avoid in baby toys. I’ve found that these types of toys help keep them entertained when they’re stuck in their car seats for an extended period of time. 

Here are nine of the toys I brought to keep the babies entertained during the 32-hour round-trip drive.

Toys for Babies On a Road Trip

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These toys were ideal for the trip because they served multiple purposes. While in the car, my babies played with them as rattles and teethers, and when we got to our destination, they suctioned to windows and high chair trays.

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In my opinion, a mirror is essential when traveling with a baby, especially if you’re traveling alone. It allows the driver to safely keep an eye on the baby. This mirror also doubles as entertainment for baby. It lights up, plays songs, and can even play white noise to help baby sleep. It comes with a remote, too, so you don’t need to be sitting right next to the baby to make it work. My only complaint about this mirror is that I wish it were louder.

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was $29.99

Beatbo was a hit when my daughter was a baby, and the toys continue to entertain my seven-month-old boys. The only complaint about these toys came from my husband while he was driving at night. He kept mistaking the flashing lights for a police car.

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Many babies enjoy these teething toothbrushes because they feel good on their gums and they’re easy for babies who don’t yet have a pincer grasp to hold. Even if your baby isn’t teething yet, it’s a good idea to have a teether on hand just in case. One of my twins got his first two teeth while we were on our trip.

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Both of my babies are big fans of Baby Shark, so I also brought some toys that play the oh-so-catchy tune. This one is nice because it can hook onto a stroller once you arrive at your destination, and it includes multiple dangling toys.

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was $5.59

I always bring books when I go on trips with my kids, but they can quickly add weight to our luggage. For babies, Indestructibles provide the perfect solution because they’re lightweight and they also double as a toy.

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Melissa & Doug

We brought two Melissa & Doug Take-Along Toys with us: PB&J and Bubble Tea. As a parent, what I like about these is that they provide multiple elements of fun, but they’re all contained in one toy. As my boys are trying to learn about object permanence, they enjoyed watching me put the pineapple and strawberry in and out of the bubble tea. They also like grasping the soft fabric on the PB&J toy.

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This is another toy that is worth its weight in gold in my house. All three of my kids have enjoyed it, and it’s a fun car toy so they can imitate real life. At seven months old, this helped entertain the babies, particularly when they were getting cranky and needed something with a lot of entertainment options. It talks, sings, and beeps. There are a lot of different ways to grasp the toy, too, so I like that it helped my boys work on their hand and finger strength while they were confined to the car for so long.

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We kind of stumbled upon bubbles as a source of entertainment for the babies. We came home from Disney with a light-up bubble wand for my four-year-old, and the babies were mesmerized watching the bubbles from their seats. Of course, this isn’t a toy to hand them, but if you have an older kid or non-driving adult willing to blow some bubbles, it’s an excellent baby entertainment option.

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