The 7 Most Popular Living Room Colors of 2022, According to Over 60 Interior Design Experts

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On average, a person spends 4.4 hours a day, or about 1,606 hours a year in the living room. With the living area being such an integral part of home life, it’s understandable we’d want the best color for it. The question is, which one?

A survey by home improvement site Fixr has revealed the seven most popular living room colors of the year according to over 60 interior design experts. In their 2022 Paint & Color Trends Report, they said:

“For 2022, we found an overwhelming embracement of warmer and earthier tones for any room in the house. Although neutrals remain strong, greens and nature-inspired hues and patterns are taking over the interior design outlook this year. Homeowners seem ready to adopt a more vibrant and organic palette in spaces to breathe and create a sense of calming and freshness.”

Here are the top seven most popular living room colors of 2022:

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Sage Green

53 percent of experts surveyed think that sage green is the most popular color of 2022, not just for living rooms but also for other parts of the house. “It’s a warm, inviting color that can be energizing or relaxing depending on how you accent it,” the site said, adding that it pairs well with different living room styles, furnishings, and other colors.

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Cool Off-White

A great color for cramped, dark living rooms. As cool off-white is a neutral shade, it can maximize any natural light available and make any space seem larger than it is. In addition, its crisp tone also works well with other colors or patterns. It’s no wonder it’s favorited by 48 perce t of experts.

Credit: Anna Spaller


Similar to cool off-white, cream is a neutral color that can add warmth and space. It’s best suited in formal living rooms and more family-oriented areas. And while it may be more intimidating to use than cool off-white, the site says to simply mix it with other warm colors, like green, brown, tan, and yellow.


Another neutral, but not as bright as the previous two colors mentioned, making taupe the right choice for living rooms that already have natural light, so as not to overwhelm. It’s best paired with shades of blue, green, and gray. Fixr adds: “If you want to include a lot of colors in your living room, but want a soft, cool, neutral backdrop taupe is a good option.”

Khaki Green

Khaki green may not be as popular as sage — having only received 13 percent approval from the experts — but it still makes the top five, thanks to the overall trend of green being 2022’s favorite color. This shade is darker and muddier than sage, so it would look great in spacious, light-filled living rooms and as a backdrop for furnishings with natural wood tones. 


According to Fixr, navy is a rich, deep blue that comes in different shades, depending on the brand. True navy, though, has an almost gray undertone to it — a cool shade that would look nicely alongside bright white and cream for trims, as well as various accent colors. The site advises: “Go with a green, gray, or purple for a subtle design, or pair it with bold reds and yellows to get a more dramatic look for your living room.”


And last but not the least, terracotta is favorited by 10 percent of experts. A shade that blends reds, oranges, and browns together, terracotta adds warmth and boldness to living rooms with a natural feel to them. Fixr recommends using it with cream trim, and it’s best for Tuscan and southwestern styles.

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