I’m a Big Believer In My Mom’s Favorite Stain Remover

published Jan 18, 2023
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Graphic showing Tech stain remover bottle and a shirt with stains being cleaned
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I knew I was grown up when I independently purchased my own bottle of one of my mom’s favorite products. Not perfume. Not foundation. Not vodka. 

Stain remover. 

My mom has been the queen of removing stubborn stains for years with her secret sauce: TECH Stain Remover, a cleaning solution developed by two carpet installers in the 1970s. She has long leaned on TECH to manage the messes left in her wool carpeting and upholstered chairs by grandkids (those would be my kids), and their dirty sneakers, wandering art projects and drippy ice cream cones. 

I became a true believer this summer, after Mom helped me clean eighteen years of marks from my daughter’s beige carpeting when we were readying our family home for sale. I couldn’t believe how easily TECH lifted the discolorations (think residue from stomach bugs and crafts supplies) we’d lived with for so long. With lots of product and a white cloth, we listed our house with carpet looking fresh and nearly new.

How does it work?

My mom has perfected her TECHnique: 

  • Soak: Squeeze or spray product out on stain – don’t be frugal here, really douse it
  • Gently agitate: Use the plastic dispenser nozzle to rub the product into the spot, thenwait to give it a few minutes to work·      
  • Blot: In circular motions, using a cloth moistened with water or more TECH. Repeat if necessary.

The product is odorless, pet and child-safe and does not contain any harsh chemicals like alcohol, bleaches, solvents, or enzymes. Best of all, stains do not reappear as they sometimes do with traditional carpet cleaning. 

What does it work on?

According to the manufacturer, TECH works on all water washable fabrics such as carpet, clothing, upholstery and vinyl. I recently used TECH to remove an ink stain on a new sweater, using an extra cloth behind the stain.

Where can you get it?

Although formerly available only through specialty stores, TECH became widely available in 2020. Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Amazon all carry a variety of TECH products.

What does it not work on?

Mom reports that TECH doesn’t work on old blood stains. For that, she recommends a bit of hydrogen peroxide and a hot iron, which this tutorial also endorses. 

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