This $4 Target Find Keeps My Closet Organized — Plus, It’s Inexpensive and Versatile!

published Oct 29, 2022
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Credit: Anna Spaller

I have a love/hate relationship with all the organizing projects I have to do while we’re settling into our new home. OK, fine. It’s mostly a love relationship. Ha! 

I don’t like having to spend money on new organizing supplies, and I often wish that I could snap my fingers like a real-life Instagram Reel and everything in my home would be in its perfect place. 

On the other hand, I enjoy piecing together the puzzles that come along with fitting the same old things into new spaces. It’s surprising how challenging the task can be, especially when you’re moving into a bigger place than your previous one. As I’m discovering, bigger doesn’t always equate to simple storage solutions. 

One area that I’ve found particularly tricky to put together is our primary bedroom closet. Although this closet is smaller than our previous one, it has plenty of space for our clothes. But the configuration has proven to be a monkey wrench in my eager plans to have our closet in order. 

I’d love to re-do the closet one day, and in addition to the standard rods and shelves, include smart drawers and cubbies that stash messy-making items into neat compartments.

In the meantime, and probably for the long haul, I’ll have to be content with the closet as-is: A simple shelf along each wall with a rod below it, and one wall with a second shelf below the first.

But I have found a pleasing solution to the rarely-used-accessories problem and it’s in the form of Target’s Brightroom modular storage boxes. They come in small, medium, and large sizes ($3, $4, and $5, respectively), which refers to their depth. I mostly have them in the medium size.

They are all the same square shape, and this makes the system modular. This means I can stack the containers so they’re easy to access while looking super sharp. 

To give you an idea of what I store in them, here’s what I have in a few of the bins: 

  • Specialty pouches, including my waterproof phone lanyard, waterproof waist packs, and regular waist packs. 
  • Beaded clutches that belonged to my grandmother. 
  • Scarves that I only use during the winter, and even then, not too often. 
  • A few of my kids’ keepsake baby clothes. 

In addition to a few size options, the bins also come in either clear, smoky gray, or opaque white. I opted for the clear so we could see the contents. I still label the bins though, to minimize the energy zap that happens when you’re trying to find something or trying to figure out what’s in a container, clear or not.

Another thing I love about these containers is that they’re so versatile. I’m using them exclusively in the closet right now, but they’d be equally useful to store garage items, toys, or craft supplies. This makes me feel better about buying new organizing supplies.

For now, though, these storage bins have turned a chaotic space into an orderly one. They’ll be on my radar for any organizing project from now on. 

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