The Hottest, Most Affordable Summer Backyard Trend

published Jun 30, 2021
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Looking to create a resort-like backyard but can’t squeeze an in-ground pool into the plans? Worse yet: maybe your pool options have sold out already. You might want to take a trip down to the local farm supply store to check out their selection of stock tanks. We’re not suggesting you toss out the resort idea and bring in cattle — oh no, the stock tank won’t be for drinking — it’s for dunking!

Stock tank pools have been making a splash (sorry, had to) all over the DIY world as the perfect solution for cooling off in style during the hot summer months. Adorned with oversized pool floats and custom paint jobs, they’re the perfect weekend warrior project, and will turn your backyard into the hottest destination of the summer!

How do you set up a stock tank pool?

A large part of why stock tank pools are so alluring is because they’re relatively quick to set up. Experts Casey and Savannah from Stock Tank Pool Authority say if you want to keep your pool clean and avoid having it become a mosquito breeding ground, you’ll want to install a pump. See their full tutorial on how to set one up yourself here

Depending on how much leveling you need to do to the ground the pool will sit on, how quickly you work, and if you plan to paint the exterior, a pool can take anywhere from a few hours to one weekend to complete. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find a source to tackle the installation for you.

What’s the cost of installing one?

Another attractive quality: a relatively low cost. An 8’ galvanized tank can retail for around $450, while a smaller, 4’ tank will run you between $150-$200. Depending on the type of pump you prefer, drill bits, additional parts, and adhesives, you can figure in another $400 for supplies. Compared to the cost of an in-ground pool, a stock tank really is a drop in the bucket! And if you divide it by price per usage … you get the idea!

They’re the perfect addition to your backyard, acting as a centerpiece to decorate around. You can customize the exterior with paint and add adorable daisies like this pool:

So do it for the kids — or the kid in you that never got the backyard pool they begged for every year! Need more inspiration? Check out #stocktankpools on Instagram.