If You Haven’t Tried These Reusable Silicone Bags Yet, You’re Missing Out

published Dec 21, 2022
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sandwich, snack, and pocket sized Stasher reusable bags
Credit: Stasher

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The first time I saw a Stasher bag I’ll admit I wasn’t quite sure what to think: It looked sort of clunky, and it seemed quite expensive. I figured that eco diehards wouldn’t be interested because silicone is plastic, after all, and I suspected its bulk and price would deter the mainstream shoppers who are used to disposable zip-top baggies. But I watched as Stasher slowly entered the market and then eventually exploded. I didn’t try them out myself until 2019. Once I did, I was a quick convert. I’m even more impressed that three years later my first Stasher bags are still as good as new. 

Why I Love Stasher Bags

Stasher’s longevity is one of the things that sets them apart from other reusable baggie options, and I’ve tried them all: Lunchskins, Bumkins, Qinline, beeswax wrap. All eventually got tired out and stained, but the Stasher bag is remarkably durable and impervious to stains—even after many turns through the dishwasher. It turns out what I perceived as “bulk” was in fact a winning attribute: serious durability

Stasher bags come in so many sizes, and I have found good uses for all of them, but my most-used Stasher bags are the smaller ones that I use to pack up my son’s lunch and school snacks. I love that I can grab a just-right-sized bag for whatever food I am packing: a small pocket for nuts or trail mix, a snack size for some cut-up carrots, and the next step up sandwich size for, well, sandwiches or popcorn. 

Within the fridge, I love storing my CSA vegetables in the larger bags. I tend to prefer glass containers to bags because they don’t feel messy and chaotic in the fridge; the Stasher is a nice compromise. It’s flexible like a plastic baggie, but sturdier and easier to identify. I find that the fridge feels less jumbly with the Stasher bags, and unlike other large silicone bags, the Stand Up bags actually do stand up all on their own. 

Cons of the Stasher Bag

The only con of the Stasher bag is their price: a snack bag is $10 and the Stand Up Mega is a whopping $30. If you use them often, they’ll pay for themselves over a relatively short time–that is, if you don’t lose them. My kid is pretty great at getting all his lunch containers home every day, but if you’ve got a child or are yourself prone to losing things, Stasher bags may be harder to say yes to.

Would I Get Stasher Bags again?

Yes, yes, yes, enthusiastically I would buy these again. I have even given these as gifts to friends and family who don’t have them, and I can definitely see investing in more of the oversized Stashers to round out my collection.  

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