I Finally Found a Large, Comfortable Standing Mat for the Kitchen

published Apr 26, 2022
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Credit: Tyler Moore

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My wife and I spend a lot of time washing dishes at the kitchen sink. Like many New Yorkers, our apartment doesn’t feature modern conveniences, like a dishwasher. We serve our girls three meals a day, and countless snacks, so we spend a lot of time at the sink, cleaning up after eating times.  

For years we’d struggled to find a mat for our kitchen that would make standing at the sink more comfortable. We tried out several different styles of mats, but didn’t find one that was aesthetically pleasing, anti-slip, comfortable to stand on, and waterproof. A few months ago, my sister-in-law, who is also our downstairs neighbor, upgraded her kitchen mat and brought up her old kitchen mat for us to try out. She promised that it would make dishwashing more comfortable, and it totally did. 

We loved standing on the mat while washing dishes and began researching to see if we could find a larger mat for the space. Our kitchen is long and narrow and because of how we’ve zoned our kitchen, as soon as we moved away from the sink to the other parts of the kitchen, we were standing on the hard tile once again. We wanted to find a better option! 

House of Noa Has the Best Kitchen Mat

After lots of research and some carefully placed Instagram ads, my wife found that there is in fact a company that produces comfortable, anti-slip, waterproof kitchen mats that are available in sizes up to 108 inches long. House of Noa helped to solve our kitchen mat struggle! We ordered the 30 inch x 108 inch Standing Mat in Coastal Nantucket. The mat is 3/4 of an inch thick and is made of high density foam. The printed fabric top features coastal stripes in a refreshing blue color that compliments the aesthetic of our kitchen beautifully. I love that we’re able to comfortably stand in the kitchen, whether we’re cutting and chopping food, cooking at the stove, or washing dishes at the sink. 

The mat also cleans easily. We were initially concerned about the light color of the mat and the damage that spilled messes might cause, but I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to easily clean up spaghetti, washable paint, spread peanut butter, and every imaginable toddler snack without stain. I spot clean the mat using water and a rag, and I’m also able to use my favorite robotic vacuum (which also has a mop feature) to clean and mop the mat. The mat does have a tendency to move (this area of our kitchen gets a lot of traffic) and the House of Noa website recommends putting down rug grip pads under the mat to provide a better grip on tile or hardwood floors. 

House of Noa’s standing mats come in a variety of sizes, prints and colors, and our mat makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen. The mat’s joyful print adds beauty and pattern to our rather ordinary looking rental kitchen. It makes the process of prepping, cooking, and cleaning more comfortable!