You’ll Never Guess What IKEA Product Is Hiding In Plain Sight In This Kitchen

published Jan 5, 2023
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Touring Mona Hamilton’s 650-square-foot Montreal apartment is very inspiring. Not only is it a soothing, lovely space with enviable elements (the removable wallpaper in the kitchen being one of them), but it also features a hack that could be a great space saver for small kitchens or kitchens that need more counter space. And the source of this hack’s furniture elements is rather surprising.

Hacking IKEA components is NOT a new idea. (We have even published one or two or a hundred before). But Mona used unusual IKEA pieces for this clever kitchen hack. Though her kitchen isn’t small, it wasn’t very well appointed, featuring an odd layout and not a lot of counter space or storage. So she decided to make her own cabinet unit next to the stove and make room for a small mini fridge instead of a standard size one.

Can you recognize which IKEA pieces make up this kitchen hack? Mona used two SNIGLAR changing tables on either side of a small IGLOO mini fridge! At under $100 for the two tables, she was already doing great for a tight budget. But then, she was able to find a LINNMON table top in the half-price sale section at IKEA.

“Everything was the perfect size to fit a mini fridge underneath!”

She added more shelves to the tables for extra storage…and voila! Not counting the mini fridge, you could create a similar setup in your kitchen for less than $150. Life lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to look through the children’s section for furniture hack ideas!

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