I Searched Everywhere For the Perfect Small Sofa and You’ll Never Believe Where I Finally Found One

published Nov 16, 2022
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brown leather couch in front of fireplace
Credit: Kristina Vänni

Just off the kitchen in our new house is a place my husband and I call “the fireplace room.” It’s a cozy, but unusual little area with a great view of the kitchen on one side and a set of glass doors leading to the backyard on the other. In any other space it might be a breakfast nook, but here the fireplace is a lovely focal point so we didn’t want to cover it up with a table and chairs. We wanted to make it comfortable place to sit, listen to music on the turntable, and enjoy conversation.

But finding a sofa to fit the space was a problem.

The Search for a Small, Affordable Loveseat

The small size and atypical layout of this space made it a challenge to find the perfect cozy, comfortable seating. As new homeowners and with a new baby, budget was also a big consideration. In a perfect world, I envisioned a sleek leather couch in this room, one where we could curl up in front of the fireplace and enjoy warm apple cider or hot cocoa. A few clicks online and I quickly realized a leather sofa would be way out of our price range. Then I started to look at local mid-priced furniture stores in our area. Anything labeled a “couch” was far too big for the space. Even pieces sold as “loveseats” seemed overstuffed and overwhelming for the room.

Upon measuring the distance between the fireplace and the kitchen, we realized that any sort of seating would need to be a maximum of about 55 inches wide. I tried looking at budget-friendly places like HomeGoods in hopes I would get lucky and find something not too wide with a slimmer profile that wouldn’t overpower the space. Nothing was coming up in my search that would work.

The Solution: The Perfect Small-Scale Sofa

One night I was lying in bed and opened up the Target app to order some diapers and other baby items for curbside pickup. (The best solution for new moms who need essentials but don’t want to lug the baby in and out of the car for every errand!) That’s when I realized there is a whole world of online only items that can be purchased through Target, including a ton of adorable and affordable furniture options. So many of the pieces were on the smaller scale that I needed for this room and didn’t have the overstuffed look I kept seeing in stores. I could even narrow my search by sofa size, color, material, and seating capacity, which made browsing even more efficient.

In a matter of minutes, I found exactly what I had been looking for: a charming cognac brown tufted loveseat that was the perfect width for the space. The reasonable price also included free shipping. I had never purchased furniture online before without the ability to see and feel it in person. But I felt more comfortable buying something from Target rather than other online outlets, knowing that I could return it in-store if it didn’t work out.

I liked the contemporary design with a bit of a mid-century modern feel. I added my favorite big blanket from Faribault Mill and optimal coziness was officially achieved. Now I can’t wait for the weather to get colder so we can officially build a fire and snuggle up together as a family.

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