One Couple Shows What It’s Like To Baby Proof a Tiny House

published Oct 9, 2021
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(Image credit: Shedsistence )

When Robert and Samantha Garlow of Shedsistance designed and built their tiny home in the woods of Yakima, Washington, they created a super cool small space with an impressive amount of room for all of their outdoor gear. Fast forward a few months and they have to make room for another form of adventure: parenthood.

The couple spent about $30,000 building the 24-foot long, eight-foot-six-inch-wide, 13-foot-five-inch-tall home. They spent over 14 months building it in their spare time, moving in in 2016.

In order to make room for their super adorable new addition, the Garlow’s made a few upgrades. They added additional drawer storage to a bench for easier access and finished a few bathroom upgrades. They built a bassinet co-sleeper for their daughter Aubrin’s first few months, so she’d be right there if she woke up in the middle of the night. As she grew and got more mobile, the couple built a net and door (with a cut-out for the cat) on the loft to keep things safe. Most recently they built a crib in the loft, it is two sided and smaller than a standard crib, with new built in storage on one side.

“The biggest takeaway has been that good design makes all the difference. Careful, custom design based on the inhabitants’ ergonomics, needs, and aesthetics is paramount to making a space the size of many peoples’ master bathrooms a fully functioning home for a family. Everything has a place and a purpose (or two). We have everything we need and nothing that we don’t, which has led to an incredible liberating experience we hadn’t know beforehand.” Robert told Inhabitat.

The family intends to stay in the house for as long as it meets their needs, and given how creative they’ve been we’ve no doubt they’ll be able to come up with innovative solutions for years to come. Also, not only is their tiny home totally tiny tot friendly, it’s also hop friendly.

You can see more on the house over at Shedsistence or over on the family’s Instagram account.

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