I Tried This Miracle Soap That Promises to Remove All Stains — Here’s How It Went

published Jan 30, 2022
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Credit: Sarah Crowley

When I love a shirt, I will wear it until it can’t be worn anymore. The shirt will be falling apart at the seams before I let it go. What breaks my heart is when I get a stain on a favorite shirt that’s tough to remove. I’ll admit it: I don’t have the willpower to fight for too long with a fabric stain. If something spills on a shirt I typically wear during the day, I won’t get rid of it — I’ll just start wearing it to sleep instead! But before that happens, I give stain removal the old college try.

If you hand me a product and say it works, I’m willing to give it a shot. So when I heard about a miracle soap that works wonders on everything from laundry to carpet, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I thought I’d have to manufacture my own fabric stain to test out the SallyeAnder Hogwash Soap, but an unexpected occurrence had me reach for it sooner than planned.

My test run of the SallyeAnder Hogwash Soap came in a moment of desperation. While housesitting, I borrowed some professional-grade art markers to roughly sketch an outfit I’d been imagining for an upcoming concert. Halfway through scribbling on the paper, I lost my grip. The next thing I knew, the marker was flying through the air, my hands were flailing, and the marker lands directly on a white stripe of my black-and-white shirt. For a moment, I thought I’d gotten away without a mark — until I pulled on the shirt and saw a dark blue spot on the fabric. To make matters worse, I wasn’t able to clean it right away, which gave the ink some time to set in.

Removing stains with hogwash soap is super easy, and the instructions are readily available on the packaging. Prior to tossing the garment into the washing machine, you simply wet the hogwash soap and the stain, then work the soap into the spot. As I was trying to remove my ink stain, I watched as the soap lathered up and the blue spot began to fade right before my eyes! I didn’t have much confidence going into it and thought for sure that I’d end up with a permanent light blue stain instead of a dark blue one. However, seeing visual proof that the soap was actually working gave me hope. By the time the shirt was washed and dried, the stain was completely gone. I couldn’t believe it!

Credit: Britt Franklin

What do I love most about this soap? I can’t decide! It has a soft touch, smells great, and is interesting to look at. According to the label, the soap is made from vegetable oils, cornmeal, herbs, and essential oils and may contain spices and vegetable extract. It reminds me of the fancy handmade soaps that I love to pick up while traveling. This hogwash soap is a BIG, chunky bar. Along with assisting with ink removal, the soap can also help with stains from grass, condiments, tomatoes, juice, and so much more. It also makes an excellent hand scrub! I washed my hands with it after working on the ink spot and was so surprised by how soft my hands were afterward. What made it even better was that the soap didn’t dry out my skin.

The SallyeAnder Hogwash Soap will last a long time. I thought I used a lot while I was working on my t-shirt and washing my hands, but it barely made a dent in the bar even though I cleaned so much! For some reason, I’ve been messier than usual this month, so I have a number of fabric stains to try to remove. I’m just happy I have a product to turn to when I need to get a stain out in a pinch.