I Bought a Ruggable Rug After Seeing Ads All Over Social – Here’s My Review

published Mar 22, 2023
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Ruggable rug close up.
Credit: Alicia Betz

For years, I’ve seen targeted ads imploring me to buy a washable Ruggable rug. Undoubtedly, ads for these machine-washable rugs are often targeted to parents like me. With three small kids and a 110-pound dog, it was only a matter of time until I gave in. When we recently moved to a home with original hardwood floors, the ads finally got me, and I bought a Ruggable rug for our living room.

After using the rug in our heavily-used living room for over six months, I can unequivocally say that I love my Ruggable rug. 

My Ruggable Rug

If you’ve never heard of Ruggable, here’s what to know. Ruggable sells machine-washable rugs in various sizes, colors, prints, and use cases from area rugs to bath mats to doormats. The rugs consist of a cover (the machine-washable part) and a non-slip rug pad. Small rugs cost under $100, but many of the larger sizes cost upwards of $600. 

The company has a wide variety of rug type, print, and color options that appeal to both adults and kids. For our living room, I chose this large 8 x 10 foot area rug in the Kamran Coral print, which cost $589. It has a muted and vintage look that adds a unique touch to the room but isn’t overwhelming. For an extra $100, I also added a cushioned pad under the rug, and it has been well worth it. It provides some extra protection for my one-year-old twins who are learning to walk, and it helps the room feel cozy and comfortable. 

When I first bought the rug, it took quite a bit of work to roll out the bulky pads and then roll the rug onto the pads. I also had to smooth out the rug to get out any wrinkles and line it up evenly on the pad. The rug sticks really well to the pads, so it doesn’t slide around, but this can make it tricky to align it just right when you’re setting it up. It’s a job that I can do myself if I have to, but it’s much easier with an extra set of hands. 

Once we got our rug set up, it wasn’t long before my kids spilled things on it. I have spot-treated it with a variety of different stain removers, carpet cleaners, and shampooers, and so far, every stain has come up, and none of the cleaners have affected the color of the rug. In fact, I spot-cleaned it many times before I took the plunge and put it in the washer for the first time. I just wasn’t sure how it would turn out. 

Credit: Alicia Betz

How to Wash a Ruggable Rug

When it’s time to wash the rug, you can easily pull the top layer off, almost like velcro. Then simply put it in the washer with the print facing out. The company advises you to wash the rug in cold water on a delicate cycle. Once it’s washed, you can let it air-dry or dry it on low heat. I opt to dry mine in the dryer. 

I wasn’t sure how the rug would come out after being washed; I was a bit skeptical about a washable rug. I didn’t know if it would actually get clean or if it would still look as nice after going through the washer and the dryer. However, it does wash up very nicely, and it honestly doesn’t look any different than it did before I washed it for the first time.  

The ultimate test was how the rug washed up after it took the brunt of our stomach bug. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say the rug definitely took a well-earned trip through the washing machine. Miraculously, it came out looking (and smelling) brand new. There weren’t any suspicious spots, and it smells fresh. 

Is Ruggable Worth It? 

If you want a rug that you will keep in your house for years, Ruggable is definitely worth it, especially if you have a lot of kids or animals. Of course, I encourage my kids to try not to spill and to clean up after themselves, but it’s a relief to know that when spills inevitably happen, I can simply wash the rug. I don’t need to live with stains, and it will be a long time until I need to purchase a new rug. 

My only complaint about the rug is that it is rather thin, which makes sense because it has to be able to fit in a washing machine. If I hadn’t bought the cushioned pad, I’m not sure if it would be very comfortable as a main living surface in our home. To combat this, the brand also sells plush rugs and premium medium pile rugs, although these aren’t available in the large size I bought for my living room. These options likely feel a bit more homey and cozy than their classic rugs, and if I buy any for the bedrooms in our home, I’ll likely opt for a plush rug. 

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