Graphic showing side by side photos of kids using an indoor hammock
Credit: restNests, Etsy

This Indoor Hammock Swing Lets My Kids Move While Learning, Which Is Why It’s Worth Every Penny

published Oct 19, 2022
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Swings are synonymous with the carefree bliss and glee of childhood. I’ve used swings to lull my kids to peaceful slumber as infants, and to thrill them on the playground when they were toddlers. They’d always run straight for the swings at our local park, where I’d push them high into the sky, filling their stomach with butterflies, resulting in a cascade of pure giggles and delightful “whee!” sounds. Swings always transported my kids to a parallel universe where life on the ground was temporarily suspended, making way for moments of sheer joy in mid-air.

But as my kids got older and our leisure visits to the playground were replaced by school and extracurricular activities, at some point they stopped riding swings… and that portal to magic we always found on the playground closed up. 

I longed to bring that feeling of lightheartedness they used to experience on playground swings into our home. Additionally, I noticed that neither of my kids were using their desks for doing their schoolwork. They are kinesthetic learners who like to move around while learning something new, and feel most at ease and attentive when they are in motion.

Enter one of the best purchases I ever made: this indoor hammock swing for kids from restNests. We hung this brilliant handmade chair from the ceiling in our living room and it became the most popular destination in the house. The kids sway in it to study their spelling words, read a book, play video games or watch TV, or they use it as a versatile swing to release pent-up energy and get their wiggles out.

The cozy hammock swing adds an element of playfulness to any activity that’s typically reserved for sitting still. For instance, my family loves watching movies together, but my son has a hard time just sitting still on the couch for over an hour. When we got this hammock swing to sway and play in, he had no issues enjoying our The Lord of the Rings movie marathon. It’s great for engaging and soothing kids with sensory issues and those who fidget, and it makes kids feel more comfortable due to its open-ended nature that’s controlled and accessed by your kid’s mood at any given time. 

I’ve watched my kids disappear into the quiet stillness of the hammock to relax in its cocoon-like structure, or channel their inner trapeze artist and use it as the ultimate toy to swing across the room, hang upside down and twirl, bounce up and down in every direction, and literally fly back and forth on their stomach, thanks to the swing’s spring suspension.

Available in ten colors, made of comfy cotton and lycra, machine washable, and easy to install (it comes ​​with the hardware required to hang it securely in your house), I think every kid deserves a hammock swing to call their own. Your only issue will be whether you need more than one!