15 of the Best Kids’ Night Lights for Whatever Kind of Glow You Want

published Jul 11, 2023
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There’s something so calming about a night light — whether it’s in the baby stage when you’re checking on your little one every few minutes, to the blink of an eye later, when they are learning to sleep on their own, but still want a little glow to keep them company. 

While the most important part is the light, some of these favorites also have other features that make them stand out. Whatever your needs or your child’s age, there’s sure to be a beautiful, functional choice for you here. 

All-in-One Night Lights and Sound Machines

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I got the first-generation Hatch Rest when my daughter was born, and they’ve only continued to improve — although the main excellent features are the same. First off, you can control every feature through an app, which is a lifesaver when you don’t want to wake a sleeping baby. Change the color and brightness, choose sounds and volume, or use it as a time-to-rise clock for older kids. There’s also a digital clock and a backup battery, just in case the power goes out.

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Not only is this nightlight cute as can be, but it’s also smart! The color changes depending on the temperature in your child’s room so you can tell at a glance if it’s too hot, cold, or just right. It also measures the humidity, which gives you all kinds of info about your little one’s environment while providing a precious glow.

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Pure Enrichment

First off, this battery-powered night light is cuddly – the unicorn (and pegasus, my daughter will remind you) version is my favorite, but there are other animals to choose from. The unicorn projects stars onto the ceiling, which absolutely captivated my daughter. It also has optional lullaby music and several soothing sounds, all on an automatic 30-minute shut-off. I know unicorns are magical, but I was truly shocked at how well this helped my 3-year-old go to sleep.

4 / 5

This is one of those night lights that would be just as at home on your nightstand as your child’s. It has simple, clean lines but is packed with features: It’s a sound machine, wireless speaker, and, of course, night light, all in one. Customize the sound, length of time it stays on, and color temperature and brightness.

5 / 5

After a while, when I was looking for anything baby-related as a new mom, I started to check Frida Baby first. Probably best known for that gross-but-awesome snot sucker (motherhood in a nutshell), they also make this 3-in-1 night light that includes a time-to-wake indicator, clock, and white noise (I think they might have sold themselves a little short; that seems like more than 3).

Portable Night Lights

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Is it possible to be in love with a night light? Yes, if we’re talking about the Boris nightlight from the MoMA Design Store. It's battery-operated (no cords!) and has an easy on/off button on the bottom that kids can operate themselves. It’s also unbreakable (squishy silicone!), gives a soft, warm glow that isn't too bright, and turns itself off after about 15 minutes. It's 100% Cubby editor-approved.

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This cute silicone cat is cute enough on its own, but add a color-changing feature, a rechargeable battery, and portability, and I’m sold. The price point doesn’t hurt, either.

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Skip Hop

This nightlight keeps it simple and sweet (and budget-friendly) with a subtle battery-powered glow and a 30-minute timer that slowly dims. There’s a large power button and a handle to encourage kids toward independence.

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Pottery Barn Kids
was $39.00

If you have a unicorn fan at your house (and who doesn’t?) this glowing silicone version might be just the thing to help them drift off to sleep. Catch it on clearance!

Outlet and Plug-in Tabletop Night Lights

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This minimalist nightlight might look simple, but it’s got all kinds of high-tech features to suit your needs. Dim with just a touch, and charge it up for wireless glow; it's totally safe for your child to play or sleep with. You can choose the light color and use the timer setting for an automatic shut-off after one hour.

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I’m a sucker for a sweet-shaped light, and this whimsical mushroom makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, or makes me wonder if a fairy will be arriving presently. This is a splurge, but the vintage-inspired style and statement piece quality is sure to stay a lot longer than your toddler bed.

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West Elm

For a splurgy nightlight that makes a statement, look no further than this realistic 20-inch moon, with a dimming feature to offer some extra light in the evening and a comforting shine at night. You can control the brightness even from across the room with a remote, and a clear cord helps with the illusion.

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Pottery Barn Kids

The classic outlet night light gets a glow-up with this fun rainbow. Turn it on and off with a switch on the front and enjoy the added decor during the day. This style is bright enough to offer some comfort, but the low profile minimizes distraction.

5 / 6

There’s something about space that fascinates kids, and this beautiful understated light lets them have stars on their ceiling without the sticky residue we might remember from our own glow in the dark star days. Plus, it’s bright enough for a little evening reading.

6 / 6
was $99.95

Who says an outlet can’t be exciting? Although this isn’t exactly cute, these outlets offer built-in light wherever you might need it so you or your little one won’t trip on the way to the bathroom, and you’ll always be able to find that missing stuffy. Plus, you won’t have to plug a night light in, so you’ll be able to plug in everything else you might need!

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