The New Nestig x Richard Scarry Nursery Collection Is Just Too Cute

published Feb 6, 2024
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Wood bed frame with colorful striped rug on cream background, apple car rug and car quilt on bed, red nightstand, and blue wainscoting on wall
Credit: Nestig

Adults tend to think they’ve got the market cornered on being busy, but kids, toddlers, and babies have plenty to do too, and no one quite understood that like author and illustrator Richard Scarry, who helped youngsters make sense of the world through his over 300 books, including his popular Busytown series, which introduced beloved characters like Huckle Cat, Mr. Frumble, and, my favorite, Lowly Worm.

This month, stylish children’s furniture and decor maker Nestig is paying homage to Scarry and his legacy, with a nursery collection inspired by his work — especially the classic Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, which turns 50 this year. The collection, which includes bed linens, framed wall art, and blackout curtains, is absolutely adorable, whether you choose a few accent pieces or outfit your kiddo’s bedroom in the whole zipping, zooming array of goodies.

The Richard Scarry x Nestig collection offers several pieces to anchor the room, but my favorite is the Apple Car Rug, a uniquely shaped rug with an illustration of Lowly Worm from Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. Each one-of-a-kind rug features the charming Lowly in his Tyrolean hat driving (impressive, as he doesn’t have arms) his famous apple car. There’s also a 2-Seater Crayon Car Rug with a pair of cute mice and a Dingo Dog Car Rug with the speedy pup driving a car that looks terrified by its own speed. The 4-foot-by-3.57-foot rug is a statement piece that is sure to bring smiles to your kids’ faces whenever they step in the room. And you’ll smile too because the 100% cotton rug is machine-washable — an essential detail that any parent would be grateful for. 

Also inspired by Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, Nestig has designed a quilt that’s like a bedtime story kids can wrap themselves up in. The cozy quilt is made of lightweight organic cotton, and it includes super-soft pockets for three removable plush cars — Lowly’s apple car, a bunny in a carrot car, and Goldbug, the cricket, in a car that looks suspiciously like a Beetle. The handmade quilt measures 40 inches by 50 inches, making it a nice size for a little one as they go from crib to big-kid bed.

Nestig’s Things That Go Quilt isn’t the only sweet piece of bedding in this collection. There are also two sets of GOTS-certified, organic cotton sheets, available in mini and standard crib sizes. The Busy World sheet set features Richard Scarry’s well-known illustrations, and the Lowly Worm Word Search Sheet Set boasts Lowly Worm letters in a word search that will help kids learn their letters as they search for words like “Lowly” and “Busytown.”

When my own kiddos were little, they both adored poring over Richard Scarry’s vibrant illustrations, pointing to pictures they liked as they learned the names of the household objects, people, and vehicles they saw around them every day. Those books became some of their favorites and are now tucked away as heirlooms for them to give to their own kids when the time comes. This precious collection from Nestig deserves a spot alongside them in your own collection of family heirlooms.