How the Cofounder of Beloved Nursery Brand Nestig Decorated Her Son’s Nursery

published May 15, 2024
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Parent holding baby in newly renovated nursery.

Sara Adam Slywka knows a thing or two about nursery decor. As the cofounder of Nestig, a furniture and decor brand specifically for nurseries, she’s been researching, sharing, and learning from parents about what products they value in their spaces. 

“I’ve spent the last four years living and breathing nurseries every day, and having the chance to design my own was truly a dream come true,” Slywka explains. 

After spending so much time devoted to helping other parents decorate their nurseries, Slywka says that she had been so excited for her time to furnish her own. Shortly before her son, Henry, was born, she moved into a New York City home that had a space that was a “total blank slate.” 

“My goal, first and foremost, was to create a space that I would love spending time in with my son. I’ve heard a lot of people say that you don’t need a nursery for a new baby, and you definitely don’t,” Slywka shares. “But I found that being in a beautiful space really helped me savor each moment and feel more centered in the chaos of becoming a new mom.” 

The room was bare and had gorgeous large-scale windows, and Slywka wanted to make the space feel “really playful and whimsical.” Luckily, she had a treasure trove of nursery decor and inspiration from which she could pull. 

“The first piece I knew I wanted was the Daydream wallpaper — as soon as our designers presented it to us for the first time, I knew I had to have it,” she says. “I love how soft and sweet it is while still feeling vibrant and active. With the art and accessories, I wanted to nod to New York City, where we live, so we picked art that showcases elements of the busy city. For his rug, I picked a car that looks kind of like our blue Subaru!”

Decorating Henry’s nursery could also be considered market research — she’s been able to test out products firsthand, like the portable crib (which transitions from mini to full!) that could be easily moved from room to room thanks to mini crib wheels. “I can also identify opportunities to expand our product assortment based on my own needs as a parent,” she says. 

It took about a month to design the room, but Slywka admits that she’s constantly tempted to tweak it every time Nestig launches a new product. But Henry’s settled in nicely to his new space. Currently, his favorite activity is searching through his Pick Up toy bin for new items to play with. The room is sentimental beyond the fact that Slywka decorated it for her son — it’s also a testament to the products Nestig shares with parents. 

“I love looking at his rugs, knowing that I’ve met the people who make them; I love looking at his crib, knowing that it was the first one we ever launched; and I love looking at all of the artwork, knowing that the hands of our beloved surface designers created each piece with care,” she says. “It’s sentimental on a lot of levels to see Nestig’s product come to life in such a beautiful way and to also to experience it as a first-time mom with my son.”

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