This Mom Threw a Kids’ Birthday Party at IKEA, and the Internet Loves It

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In Tampa a mom recently threw a surprise birthday party for her 3-year-old daughter, Lucy, not at a bouncy house or a swimming pool, but somewhere unexpected: at an IKEA.

In a TikTok video documenting their memorable day, we see how IKEA organizes children’s parties. First, the family is greeted at the door by IKEA employees, who wrap a sash around the celebrant. Then, the guests are led to a private room where the space is decked out in blue and yellow decorations, including the balloons, the tablecloths, and even the party hats.

For lunch, they had pizza, macaroni and cheese, and, of course, meatballs. Afterwards, all the kids had a scavenger hunt around the showroom before settling down for cake and ice cream. Finally, to wrap things up, the store’s staff gathered to sing Lucy a happy birthday, then gifted the toddler with her own IKEA shirt, plus a giant greeting card signed by everyone. Aww!

“Thank you, Tampa IKEA, you went above and beyond,” said Lucy’s mom.

In the video’s comment section, people were as curious as they were amazed. As it turns out, many were unaware you could hold private events at the Swedish furniture store.

“Since when does IKEA host birthday parties?” reads a comment, while another says: “I want this as a 25-year-old.”

So how does one organize a birthday party at IKEA? Well, it depends on your location. At IKEA India, for instance, groups can book the restaurant for private events. So lucky! At IKEA USA, you could try asking, which is what Lucy’s mom did.

“IKEA USA responds back to me on Facebook and they love the idea. They love Lucy,” she said in another video. “They sent it to the Tampa IKEA and they’re like, ‘Hey guys, what do you think about this? Something you want to do?’ Insert the dream team at IKEA Tampa.”

While your chances of convincing your local IKEA store to hold a private event depend on a few factors, the good news is that they are now thinking of making it a regular service, seeing as how popular Lucy’s birthday party video has been on social media.

Lucy’s mom added: “It is not anything that they offer just yet, unfortunately. I hope we can change the world. So every child and adult is able to have a birthday party at IKEA.”

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