Your Microwave Door Has a Not-So-Secret Feature Everyone’s Just Finding Out About — But There’s a Catch

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In today’s digital age, social media users are constantly going viral for figuring out secret features and tricks of mundane household items — from spice jar lids to parchment paper boxes. And recently, a TikTok video from creator Gina DeMarco (@GenX_mompreneur) made its rounds on the internet for discovering a mind-blowing hack for removing the glass on a microwave door to make it easier to clean.

In the video, DeMarco can be seen sliding the front glass panel out of her microwave, saying, “How come I am just finding out about this now?” With more than 6 million views and nearly 400,000 likes, you might have already seen it — and attempted to remove your microwave door yourself.

While I’m totally here for any hack that makes your life easier — and cleaner — I couldn’t help wondering if this hack was really a good idea (as did others in the comment section). I reached out to cleaning expert Daniel Brown, CEO of Handy Cleaners, and sure enough, it seems there are some major issues with this seemingly brilliant hack. “Despite the apparent convenience of removing the glass door to clean, some risks might be involved in such instances,” Brown says. Read on for everything he had to say about whether it’s a good idea or something you should skip. 

Credit: Christin Perry

Should You Try to Pull Out the Glass from Your Microwave Door? 

First things first, this method simply doesn’t work with all types of microwaves. Among the thousands of comments on Instagram and TikTok, about half of respondents indicated it was a no-go for their microwave. That’s the case with mine, too, an older Hamilton Beach model. 

But suppose you have a newer model microwave with a press-button opening feature and a flat glass front, like the one featured in the original TikTok. Should you rush to remove the door? Still, probably not, Brown says. “Although this method can offer easy and better access to deeper cleaning and those places that are hard to reach on your microwave door, doing this can void the manufacturer’s warranty,” he asserts. What’s more, there are some risks involved that can be potential safety issues. 

Credit: Christin Perry

The Dangers of Pulling the Glass from Your Microwave Door

Consider the job a microwave performs: According to the FDA, a microwave “heats food using microwaves, a form of electromagnetic radiation similar to radio waves.” There are known risks to humans being exposed to these microwaves, which is partly why these appliances have both an inner and an outer glass pane. “Taking out the microwave door has the capability of damaging the integrity of the microwave, which can lead to a number of hazards such as potential exposure to harmful microwaves, electrical malfunctions, and even injuries due to broken glass,” Brown says.

The FDA notes that oven radiation injuries are caused by exposure to large amounts of microwave radiation leaking through openings such as gaps in the microwave oven seals. Removing the front glass panel in an attempt to clean it can lead to exactly this issue. And, while a superclean microwave is nice to have, it’s simply not worth the risk, even if this hack does work on your microwave. 

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