The Easiest, Quickest Way I Prep a Pile of Bite-Sized Finger Foods for My Twins

published Feb 1, 2023
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If there’s one thing I didn’t anticipate before having kids, it was how often I would need to feed said kids. Especially when they’re babies and young toddlers, little kids eat a lot of food (I’m not ready to think about how much food they’ll eat when they’re teenagers). Most days, it seems like I spend my entire day preparing food, feeding food to my kids, and cleaning up their food. 

Now that I have 10-month-old twins, I’m literally preparing double the amount of finger foods I’m used to, and I still have to feed my four-year-old. Older babies and younger toddlers eat a lot of food as their bodies rapidly grow. When my kids start eating more and more finger foods, I find it difficult to keep up, and cutting their food takes a lot of my food prep time. Cutting food into tiny bite-sized pieces is a meticulous process, and hungry 10-month-olds don’t often have a lot of patience. 

In the past, I mainly used knives to cut their food. This method was tedious, and I could never keep up. My babies often got frustrated because they were hungry, and I couldn’t get food on their plates fast enough. I found myself cutting just enough food to get some on their plates only for them to eat it all before I could get any more cut. 

How I Use Kitchen Shears

Perhaps I’m late to the game, but feeding them became so much easier and faster when I started using kitchen shears to cut their food. It now takes me a fraction of the time to cut their food, and it’s easier to make tiny bite-sized pieces. 

I use kitchen shears to cut everything from toast to chicken. They greatly speed up the time it takes me to cut food that typically takes a while to cut with a knife like spaghetti or green beans. I can now cut up a whole bowl of spaghetti in mere seconds. 

My Favorite Kitchen Shears 

I use an older version of these KitchenAid All Purpose Shears. They have serrated blades to help them glide right through food. They’re dishwasher safe, which is always a plus. I often give them a quick wipe-down throughout the day when I’m done using them, and then I throw them in the dishwasher to be ready to use again the next day. I also like that they come with a blade guard to help protect my kids should the shears ever fall off the counter or get into the wrong hands. 

And while I don’t yet have herb scissors myself, I have been eyeing up a pair to make prepping my babies’ food even easier. The herb scissors have five blades close together, so they allow you to cut soft finger foods in no time. 

If you find yourself spending more time cutting food for babies and toddlers than you would care to admit, try out a pair of kitchen shears. They’re inexpensive, and they’re just one small thing that has made my life a little bit easier. 

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