The 6 Best Before-and-After Organizing Hacks of Kids Spaces We’ve Seen Lately

published Nov 2, 2022
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Before: Bedroom with orange walls

Toys, books, arts and crafts, clothes… children bring a lot of love into our lives, but they also bring in an unbelievable amount of clutter. It might seem like a never-ending project to keep their bedrooms and playrooms clean, but as it turns out, once you have a system in place, it does become a little easier to regain control.

DIY enthusiasts have routinely shared hacks for getting and staying organized when it comes to kids’ spaces, and lately, those ideas have really come in handy. I’ve collected six of their best tips to inspire you get through the clutter — read on to get some fun and totally useful inspiration.

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A Playroom Makes Clever Use of Swing Ropes

“Don’t cut your creativity short by assuming you aren’t capable of making it a reality,” says Tina Fratello (@fifthcornerhome), who turned her cluttered catch-all basement into a treehouse-themed playroom. Her advice is to embrace all of those “wouldn’t it be cool” ideas that pop into your head when dreaming up new designs for kids’ rooms. The standout here is her genius hack to organize the glut of stuffed animals. Instead of shelves or cubbies, she hung the toys from a rope swing and rope shelves that were bolted into a ceiling stud.

Credit: Morgan Gomez
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A Tiny Closet Gets Maximum Storage Space

Megan Gomez optimized her daughter’s tiny closet with practical storage solutions, and a fun design update. The inside of the closet was wider than its door, making all of that cramped side space impractical, so she added shelves to make items easier to access. She installed two rods, one on top of the other, to accommodate two vertical racks of kid-sized outfits. Then Megan added a few fun visual touches to the back wall of the closet by hanging peel-and-stick floral wallpaper, artwork, and a mirror at her child’s height.

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A Jungle-Themed Room Is Refreshed with a Relaxing Reading Corner

Ella Faulkner of @housenumber_6 and her partner, Ollie, upgraded their guest room into a nursery in anticipation of their newborn, and in so doing, embraced a “paradise jungle” mural on the wall as a fun focal point. In one corner, they updated a dusty pink armchair into a neutral, creamy shade, and added shelves for books nearby. It’s an easy and cozy way to make a reading corner for bedtime. 

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An IKEA Dresser Gets an Ombre Effect, Animals Included

When interior designer Jennifer Harrup renovated her son’s bedroom, she gave his ordinary IKEA dresser a makeover. Not only did she re-paint the dresser in three shades of blue, one shade for each dresser drawer, she replaced the standard drawer pulls with DIY animals. Whether you decide to buy whimsical drawer pulls or attempt to make them yourself, this clever design element will hopefully entice the kids to put away their clothes themselves.

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A Beige Bedroom Is Overhauled for Kid-Friendly Personality

Whitney Zeller and her husband weren’t exactly thrilled with their kids’ bedrooms when they first moved in, simply because they lacked any personality and style. She painted her son’s room in Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” and added new wood floors, and then brought in fun details like constellation decals, a teepee bed, and paper airplanes. But the real standout, as far as organization is concerned, is how a KALLAX unit was used to store books and toys. Since it’s at kid level, her son is more likely to clean up himself!

Credit: Alec Kugler
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A Bedroom for Two Gets Space and Storage with a Clever Layout

Gunner Larson and his wife Sara didn’t have kids when they initially moved into this Brooklyn apartment, but after they had two, space was clearly at a premium. They already had the jungle wallpaper up in their first born’s room, and decided to keep it but adjust the layout so that their two kids could enjoy the space comfortably. Each child has a side of their own, and a bookcase desk is set in between for storage and homework. 

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