I Was Looking for a Bike Trailer to Haul My Kid Around This Summer, Then I Found Something Way Better

published May 25, 2023
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A child sitting in a bike trailer
Credit: Kristina Vanni

I have been itching for the weather to warm up because this will be our first summer in our new home. One of the biggest selling points for this house is its proximity to a forest preserve and a series of bike trails, and now that our daughter is almost a year old, she is big enough to start going on bike rides with us. 

With that in mind, a few months ago I started researching bike trailer options that would suit our needs now and well into the future. Because there are seemingly endless choices and price points in the bike trailer market, it can feel overwhelming. But when I discovered the Jeep Everest 2-in-1 Child Bike Trailer and Stroller, I knew it was the perfect fit for our family and our needs. 

The #1 Reason I Chose the Jeep Everest Bike Trailer

The dual nature of this particular bike trailer was the real selling point for me. Not only can we attach it to a bike for rides, but it can also be used as a super-smooth and spacious double stroller. At $375 the investment is significant, but the price point is still mid-range when it comes to the world of bike trailers. (I can’t believe how expensive some of them can be!)

Here’s a bit more about it.

Bike Trailer Mode

It was easy to set up the bike trailer and attach and detach it quickly to an adult bike. It’s also nice that the trailer hitch fits in the cargo area of the trailer for storage! That way I am never searching around the garage for parts when we want to head out on a ride. There’s even an orange flag that can be attached to the trailer for increased visibility while out on a ride. 

Because this will be my daughter’s first time riding in a bike trailer, it was necessary to purchase an age-appropriate bike helmet as well. She’s a little fussy at first with the bike helmet, but if we wait to snap it on just before starting a ride she quickly settles down and enjoys the fun! The mesh window is a fantastic feature, as she loves feeling the breeze on our bike rides and the fact that she can see out and enjoy all the sights and sounds around her while we are out on the trails. 

Credit: Kristina Vanni

Stroller Mode

To switch to stroller mode all you have to do is detach the trailer hitch and attach the front wheel with one click. Just like the trailer hitch, the front wheel can also be conveniently stored in the large cargo compartment. I also like the window at the top of the stroller so I can peek in on my daughter and make sure she is happy during our trail walks. 

My Other Favorite Features

  • Triple the fun! While this trailer touts having 2-in-1 features, I found it’s really a trailer, stroller, and even a jogger. The design and comfort makes it possible to take this for a run as well. 
  • Storage: I love the rear cargo space. It will be so great for trips to the farmers market this summer! I will be able to stock up on all my favorite produce with room to spare.
  • Smooth ride: The trailer easily navigates the bumps along a gravel trail whether we are walking or biking.
  • Foldable: In some ways, I find this easier to collapse than other strollers I have used. Our car has a relatively small trunk and this slides in without much fuss. 
  • Weather shield options: I like that there is a mesh shield for fresh air, but also rain shield in case we get stuck in a storm someday. It is easy to switch between the two. 
  • Foot brake: I immediately noticed the large, easy-to-use foot brake feature when in stroller mode. The super small brakes on some strollers are cumbersome — especially when wearing summer sandals. 

Would I recommend the Jeep Everest 2-in-1 trailer? Absolutely! It’s roomy enough for my daughter to grow into, and, with two seats, there’s room for our family to grow as well. 

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