This IKEA Activity Table is Surprisingly Sturdy and Has Built-In Storage

published Nov 2, 2022
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Graphic showing side by side photos of an activity table by itself an in use with toys on top of it.
Credit: Ikea

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From its meatballs to seemingly endless room displays, I’m a big fan of IKEA. Often affordable, its furniture may not be as sturdy and durable as more costly brands, but it’s accessible and solves many problems around the home. I’ve used IKEA pieces to create a book nook for my kids and for storage solutions around my home. 

My four-year-old daughter loves to cut, glue, color, paint, and create all sorts of art projects. If I didn’t want my dining room table to be the permanent arts and crafts spot, I needed to find a table to contain her creations. That’s why one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever found at IKEA is the DUNDRA activity table. It’s a large rectangular table designed for all types of kid activities, like building with LEGOs, doing crafts, or playing with toys! Here’s why I love it:

Why I love the DUNDRA table 

So when I found the DUNDRA activity table, I was sold. It’s a generous size that can easily accommodate two to three kids; the tabletop is almost four feet long. It’s not just a big table that takes up space, though. There is a large drawer that’s divided into two sections under the tabletop. We use it mainly to store art supplies, but of course, you could store whatever you like in the drawer. 

I also like that the table keeps all those art supplies and toys off the floor. Now that we have twin babies crawling around our house, my daughter needs somewhere to keep her favorite toys out of their reach. It also helps keep LEGOs and the like off the floor; anybody who has ever stepped on a LEGO knows how important that is. 

The table is available in one color: white with a gray tabletop surface. I also like that the table has raised edges, preventing art supplies and toys from perpetually rolling off the table. It’s built really well, and it feels very solid. In the year that it’s been in our home, we’ve moved it to a few different rooms, and my daughter uses it almost daily. It hasn’t become wobbly or unstable at all.

The table also often becomes a topic of discussion in our home. Everyone who comes to our house — from grandparents to friends — comments how nice the table is, and many are shocked to learn it’s from IKEA!

Cons of the DUNDRA activity table 

As much as I love the drawer, my biggest complaint about the table is the way the drawer closes. It’s not a slow-close drawer, and there isn’t a gap to prevent little fingers from getting pinched. This is definitely something to keep in mind, particularly for younger kids. Thankfully, my four-year-old daughter is always careful when closing the drawer. Time will tell if that holds true as my seven-month-old sons get old enough to use the table. 

Would I get the DUNDRA table again?

So would I get the DUNDRA table again given the opportunity? Emphatically yes. I’ve had the opportunity to test quite a few kids’ tables, and the DUNDRA is one of the best. I like it more than similar tables from other brands that are more costly, and the built-in storage is a huge selling point for me. 

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