I Wish I Could Use This Diaper Subscription Forever

published Jan 23, 2023
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Close up hands of mother changing the diaper for her newborn baby on the changing mat at home, making sure the diaper fits snugly.
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When I was pregnant, it seemed very important to get all of my decisions right. I built a registry, picked out all the gear I thought I would need, and created a nursery with design that didn’t make me want to tear my hair out — that I thought might also grow with my daughter. 

One decision loomed very large at the time — what to do about diapers

Possibly because I live in the Northwest, or maybe just because it’s more common now — I knew a lot of people who were embracing cloth diapering. On the other end of the spectrum were those practicing extreme couponing for large boxes of disposable diapers. 

When I’m trying to figure something out, I talk about it a lot, which is why the guy who was putting in my water heater told me that his washing machine had never been the same since their experience with cloth diapering. One of my best friends loaned me one of her diaper covers and inserts to practice with, just to see if it was for me. I reached out to a cloth diaper service in town who would pick my soiled diapers up and return them clean. 

But I was pulled in the direction of the ease of disposable diapers, even though I wasn’t wild about what I was reading about the chemicals often found in them. (Being pregnant is hard enough without a million articles telling you how awful everything is for you and your baby, isn’t it?) 

Credit: Dyper

The Diaper Solution for Me: Dyper Bamboo Diapers

Finally, after searching for many hours, I came across something that I thought might be a good happy medium — a fairly new company called Dyper. They promised materials that would be good for my baby (OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and DermaTest 5 Star), and also that their diapers were the “yoga pants of diapers” which actually spoke to me on a deep level. Their bamboo diapers are compostable, and in certain areas you can pay a little extra to send them back for centralized composting. Plus, it was a subscription — they would send me diapers to my door. It seemed like a perfect solution. 

I reached out and ordered the size I expected my daughter to be, easily pausing the subscription until she was born. I removed one of the diapers and looked at it. It looked like a diaper to me, but I hadn’t spent much time around them, to be honest. 

When my daughter was born, in the hustle and bustle, it became clear that we needed to size down — the newborn size was the one for us. I sent a sleep-deprived email on my phone and in just a few minutes I had a kind email in my inbox and a new order on the way. That pair fit perfectly, crisis averted. 

Each time I needed to switch sizes, I got amazing customer care — leakage became more common and I started to think maybe it was time — a quick email later and I had a test pack of the next size up to try out before changing my subscription over. When it was time to change, they were more than gracious about letting me use up small amounts or pass along to a friend rather than sending them back. Every so often, they’d send a little something for my daughter — a little giraffe doll (their logo), a wooden pickup truck, a wooden dinosaur—all still beloved by her three-year-old self. 

When it was time for training pants, they were there for me too. It turns out I needed to size down, but they helped me dial it in with some trial and error. 

On one memorable occasion I won’t go into, I had to use one of their coolest features — SOS, which gets you a sleeve of diapers as fast as possible. 

Over time, I discovered in the worst ways possible that my daughter has sensitive skin — stray from our wipes or diapers and we have a rash on our hands. I’m grateful that I leaned away from additives and fillers without even fully knowing why. 

The company has grown along with my daughter. I’ve talked several friends into using it. Now, while you can still do the subscription service, you can buy one time boxes and even buy their diapers at some retail stores. They’ve added wipes, some bath and skincare products and several more diaper sizes (sometimes in the very nick of time for me). What hasn’t changed is their speedy, kind customer service. As a new mom, I appreciated the gentle tone and the encouragement that I was doing a good job, I still appreciate that now, as a not-so-new mom. 

We’re (hopefully) nearing the end of the road with Dyper training pants, and honestly, I’ll miss this company. There are so few things I’ve felt like I could count on as I figured out how to be a mom — Dyper has been one of them. 

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