How to Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree

published Dec 30, 2021
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One of the major perks of choosing an artificial Christmas tree? You can reuse it for the next holiday season—and the one after that, and the one after that. (Plus, you don’t have to water it.) The downside? You have to figure out how and where to store your tree so that it’s ready to be put on display 12 months from now.

Chances are, your faux Christmas tree came in a box—but that’s not necessarily the best storage option. Sure, saving the box for storage is an eco-friendly option, but it won’t do any favors for your tree.

As with live Christmas trees, your artificial one’s branches will fluff out over the course of its first use. Attempting to fit it back in the original box means you’ll have to start at square one next year. Then there’s the fact that cardboard boxes won’t provide the protective barrier you want on for your faux-fir investment.

How to Store Your Fake Christmas Tree

Your best bet, according to Boston-based pro organizer Lisa Dooley, is to store your tree upright, shielded by a tree covering. Dooley says an XXL trash bag should do the trick for most smaller and medium-sized trees. If your tree is bigger or you want more protection, it’s worth purchasing a specially designed upright tree cover like this one, which comes in three different sizes.

If you’re not sure about size, it’s always a smart idea to err on the side of a bigger one so you don’t damage your tree in the storage process. And always make sure the covering is water-proof to avoid damage (and the counter-productive need to replace your tree next season).

If you don’t have room in your home to store the tree upright, “most artificial trees come apart in three or more sections so you can disconnect the parts, compress the boughs, and then store in the bag, which you can tuck away in your storage space,” Dooley says. Just make sure to choose a sturdy bag with heavy handles, as the bag will be quite heavy when you go to set up your tree next time.

Whether you store it upright or disassembled, keep in mind that artificial trees are made of meltable material, so you’ll want to avoid spaces that get too hot. And one more piece of advice: No matter what type of storage option you choose, aim to snag one after the holidays, when they’ll likely be a fraction of the original price.

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