This Mom’s Garage Hack Has People Telling Her It’s the Coolest Thing They’ve Ever Seen

published May 24, 2023
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garage with wood shelving holding outdoor gear and a tool bench filled with tools
Credit: Gorloff-KV/Shutterstock

Garages are almost always used for their utility: a spot to store holiday decorations, tools, sports gear, and, of course, cars. But because they open on to a wide driveway, they also present the possibility of being an indoor-outdoor space for hangouts, or a even a playroom. That is, if the owners can do something about bugs. 

TikTok user Michelle (@michellekemperr) turned her garage into a bug-free living area by creating one large screen. And if you have similar hopes of giving this utility space a degree of comfort this summer, her idea is for you. 

In the video, Michelle demonstrates this solution. The garage door is already open as Michelle walks up to it and grabs two straps from the ceiling. She effortlessly pulls down a giant screen that covers the garage’s entire opening — complete with a sliding door for easy entry and exit. 

“I’ve never seen another garage screen in real life,” Michelle wrote in the caption. However, if the comments section is any indication, garage screens are very common in states where the summer months are particularly scorching and filled with pesky bugs, like Florida and Georgia. 

“Omg I’m gonna get it,” commented one TikTok user. If you feel the same way, look no further — here’s the one Michelle bought from Amazon. There’s also a budget-friendly version with fewer bells and whistles.

Commenters had plenty of ideas on how to use it. “My cats would love this,” one TikToker noted. Another shared, “We use our garage as an eating area for large barbecues. This would be great!” You could also turn the garage into an outdoor gym or kids’ play area, as two more options. 

It looks like a lot of people want to get more use out of their garages this summer, as this post has already garnered more than 12 million views.

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