Our Top 16 Picks for a Fun (Yet Simple!) Easter Basket

updated Mar 12, 2024
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Does anyone else feel the burden of the Easter basket? What I mean is that Easter basket assembly sometimes feels like another chore, especially when you’re doing it for kids who have every toy under the sun (ahem, talking to you, my sweet little progeny!). It doesn’t help that baskets seem to get more lavish every year, reminiscent of full-on splurge gifts rather than the small, stocking-stuffer scale I’ve always thought them to be. To me, Easter isn’t a time to be extra; it’s a time to eat way too many deviled eggs and giggle at kids turning the house upside down for egg hunts. 

This year, we’ve adopted a very simple formula that parents often use for Christmas gifts: buy them something they want, something they need, something they’ll wear, and something they’ll read. By using this checklist, I’m done shopping in minutes, and I’ll be assured that my daughter has a sweet yet modest Easter basket experience. I’d also add one more category: something they’ll eat, because, really, what is the Easter basket without a chocolate bunny? And of course, only do as much as you are comfortable doing. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to get you started:

Something They Want

Do you have an aspiring artist? This low-tech drawing tab is as simple as can be, with a pen and a button to clear masterpieces. It’s easy to throw in the car or a backpack for on-the-go entertainment.

Calling all would-be Robin Hoods and Meridas! This simple bow and arrow set is durable, but light enough for hours of imaginative play. 

DIY bracelets are having a serious moment so why not pick up this adorable flower-themed bead set? Also available in butterfly and mushroom varieties, it comes with everything your little one will need for a fun day of bracelet making!

Though this one’s a bit on the costly side, it’s too fun not to include. Let them take some snapshots of their best memories — then see them develop in moments!

Something They Need

This is a mix between a want and need! With sunshine peeking through, we’re going to need to stock up on sunscreen before long. But why not make it fun with rainbow glitter?

Brushing teeth does not have to be a battle if you can wave one of these adorable electronic toothbrushes in front of them.

Un-scientific fact: hydration works best when you’re doing it with a colorful water bottle.

Something to Wear

There really is nothing cuter than a kid strutting around in sunglasses. And they’re always losing them, so I’ll bet your kiddos could use an extra pair.

An easy-as-can-be pair of shoes perfect for running errands.

Let them snuggle up in style with these Easter-themed, gender-neutral pajamas. If they’re siblings, you can always get a matching pair to up the cute ante. 

Something to Read

Wolfie is not your average bunny, because he is a wolf. This fun spin on a bunny book will have them giggling through Wolfie’s misadventures.

We love this sweet yet powerful book about empathy that feels digestible for young kids, and especially poignant for older ones.


If you haven’t checked out the Mother Bruce series, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this lighthearted board book about a grumpy bear who just can’t get on board with spring.

Something to Eat

How can we forget the quintessential chocolate bunny? Honestly, this is as much a gift for the parents, because who hasn’t snuck a bite of your kid’s chocolate bunny when they weren’t looking?

Each little chocolate egg contains another delightful, chocolatey surprise.

Restart the 90s-era Jelly Belly craze by introducing your kids to a box of these magically yummy beans.