This DIYer Covered Her Popcorn Ceiling with a Brilliant Amazon Find

published Nov 8, 2023
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Mature Adult Female Painting Ceiling White With Paint Roller
Credit: Getty Images/eyecrave

Why did we, as humans, think popcorn ceilings were ever a good idea? Many homeowners find themselves in a popcorn ceiling quandary — do you embark on the incredibly messy and time-consuming removal of the popcorn texture or do you cover it up and save that project for another era?

One Instagram user chose the latter and completely covered her popcorn ceiling using styrofoam ceiling tiles from Amazon. Yeah, that definitely sounds scary, but the finished result looks like a custom job that cost thousands.

“What if I told you that you could cover your popcorn ceiling with ceiling tiles from Amazon?!” Melissa Meares wrote in a recent video on Instagram. Go on …

Meares used the Romanesque Foam Glue-Up ceiling tiles from A La Maison Ceilings on Amazon. They come in a variety of antiqued metallic finishes, as well as plain white, and can be bought in packs of eight, 48, and 96.

The white tiles are paintable, and Meares coated hers with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams before installation. 

To install, Meares used about 12 tubes of Loctite construction adhesive glue and she used either scissors or a utility knife to make cuts when needed.

She also filmed most of the project to give her followers a little walk-through of how the tiles went in. She did some basic measuring and leveling, and then got gluing.

Just like that, the popcorn ceiling is completely gone — no dust, no mess, and no scraping required. And they’re holding up really well, too.

“They have been up for over a year [and] haven’t started [drooping] or anything,” Meares wrote in a comment on her Reel. And she noted that she didn’t clean the popcorn ceiling before installing the tiles. “Mine was definitely dusty [but] the glue works extremely well!”

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