24 Delightful Little Stocking Stuffers for Kids of All Ages

updated Nov 4, 2022
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little girl reaching into a stocking by a Christmas tree
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Once the big-ticket items for your kids have been crossed off the shopping lists, it’s not surprising for parents to want to open up a bottle of Christmas spirits and toast to another pre-holiday gift run in the books. But before we all hang up our plush pom-pom hats and look forward to eating all the treats we’ll inevitably lay out, let’s not forget about the stockings all hung by the chimney with care.

Having stuffed stockings is a win-win for kids and parents, too. If you have early risers, who bust in your bedroom by 5 a.m., eager to open presents, then you might be able to buy yourselves a bit more time to sleep. Whether you want to use stockings as a way to curb their what’s-under-the-tree curiosities, as a way to bring all the gift-opening to a gentle, that’s-all-folks finish, or as a way to nurture a family tradition (for instance, my husband’s parents enclosed a new ornament in each of his and his siblings’ stockings every year, so it became a family thing for them), you can get some ideas from our list of 24 tiny but oh-so-tempting toys, trinkets, wares, and wonders.

Babies & Toddlers

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Toys are tough with infants, because they really can't hold or grasp much until they're at least a few months old. That's what makes these versatile wrist rattles with teethable, textured silicone borders (BPA-free, to boot), so smart. The soft fox and owl play pals are comfy to wear and fun to shake, and they can be uniquely adjusted to fit your baby's wrists or ankles. Once they start crawling, you'll know exactly where they are once you hear the familiar tsk tsk of the rattle.

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Tubby Todd

The holidays are a stressful time for all of us, kids included! So, lighten up your littles' tub sessions with an adorable set of bath bombs sure to have them thinking of vacay (the Todd on the Beach and Coconut Crème scents remind us of sunscreen in the best way possible). As the water turns frothy and blue, your babes' winter worries will all but melt away. And no worries, moms and dads, the food-grade color won't stain your tubs or towels 👍.

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Uncommon Goods

Truth be told, I found these light and bright water-cube cuties after my son's favorite bath toy stopped working. It was a plastic ice cube that, when pressed, lit up. It was a festive addition to a cocktail I sipped at Universal Studios CityWalk three years ago. He loved it and it broke my heart when we needed to throw it out, but then we found these made-for-bathtime baubles. Use the delightful characters in the bathtub to keep your child so captivated they won't want to get out or incorporate them into your sensory bins. As soon as they leave the water they turn off, so they're perfect for water tables, bathtubs, baby pools, or anything filled with water.

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Do you feel like you need to stretch your stocking gift game, or are you normal? Socks are, for sure, a go-to for every parent when it comes to stockings, Valentine's Day gifts, first day of school souvenirs, etc. but it's for good reason. Comfy wears always win, especially for toddlers and littles with sensitive feet (the seamless toe is a life-saver for my son, as we're always taking off his shoes at preschool drop-off time because they feel "scrunched"). They don't slip, they feel good, and they look fabulous.

Little Kids

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Sure, a toothbrush doesn't sound like the most Earth-shattering select for their stockings, but if you have a toddler who strongly dislikes the nighttime task, then this adorable helper dino (goes by the name of Jovie 😍) might be just the thing to hype up their good habits. We love everything that comes with it: The battery-powered children's toothbrush, an animal-themed protective brush cover, a rinse cup, and a extra brush head. Best of all, the two-minute sand timer offers the perfect visual cue for brushing the entire time that children's dentists recommend.

It looks great on a sink countertop or easily mounts on the wall (the hardware is enclosed)!

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Kid Made Modern

Coloring is cool to begin with, but doing it with a dinosaur-shaped crayon? That's just the dream! This Cretaceous-inspired crayon will be a standout piece to add to their crafting collections and art stations (especially in a prehistoric-themed playroom or art studio); plus, with its bold color and agile shape, your little Kandinsky color virtuosos won't be able to put it down.

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Whoever said "chalk, but make it fashion" was obviously talking about these preschooler-approved pastels. This colorful, glittery, non-toxic, and biodegradable chalk bundle is bound to make outdoor playtime a blast for your tiny creatives. A great choice to split between tasting-sharing twins or art-obsessed siblings. Only thing left to decide is who is #teamunicorn and who is #teamnarwhal.

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Super Smalls

These nostalgic mood rings are a rad addition to any stocking. This set comes with two rings — one surrounded by a halo of pink gems, the other with blue — both featuring a color-changing center gem that shifts with your collectors' ever-evolving moods (and there are A LOT of them when your sweetie turns into a three-nager). Just make sure you don't throw out the chart that says what each color means in the tizzy that is Christmas morning; they'll need it to decode all their feels!

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It's always a joy to paint your kids' nails, only to have to scrub the polish off a hot second later when they're "bored" of it, right? Well, this ingenious set of glittery nail colors is not only smell-friendly (because the fumes of nail polish AND remover are a toxic combination), the colors wash off simply with soap and water. Whether your kid is dressing up as a brain surgeon, a presidential candidate, or a fancy fairy, these pretty colors are a match for any moment.

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Since my son started Pre-K, he's gotten a lot warier of monsters in his bedroom... Night lights help, of course, but something like this "monster be gone" spray has even more promise and whimsy to ward off the boogeyman, if you ask us. Midnight wake-ups? Forget it. Creepy shadows? No. Six-headed beasts under the bed? They should be so lucky. Spray the super-calming lavender-scented room spray before bedtime wherever nighttime nuisances are known to lurk, (under beds, along windows, inside closets) to help your babes stay brave, ensure their happy dreams, and build a force field around a frightful-when-dark room.

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If your kiddos are learning to recognize numbers in Kindergarten or starting to add or subtract in the first or second grade, then they'll pounce at the chance to practice with this all-natural dough featuring colors, compostable glitters, and calming essential oils. Designed for true hands-on learning, this set comes with two charming Land of Dough play dough rolls and a set of wooden numbers to make impressions and put simple equations in place.

And before you cringe at the thought of colors getting combined into muted grays or browns. IYKYK. Don't! Land of Dough confections unique artistic designs using multiple colors that are thoughtfully chosen with the end color in mind. Once the dough has been played with, the colors will combine into two vibrant hues (orange and purple) that shimmer with glitter throughout.

Big Kids

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Uncommon Goods
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This completely stocking-suitable kit brings together everything kids need to start painting, including nontoxic, premixed colors, four brushes, and a clearly numbered 8" x 10" canvas. Even if your kids don't dabble in that much art, they'll still enjoy hours of creative, screen-free playtime — a stroke of genius all on its own. You can choose from an assortment of three easy-to-paint designs: Dino, Llama, and Dog. When they're done? Frame their works of art and hang them up on a playroom gallery wall!

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Going back to the idea of keeping the kids occupied while you sneak in just a little more sleep, these fidget popper bracelets are seriously-impressive gets for endless fidget sessions. Push in, pop out, these plastic, adjustable bracelets are easy to use, and since they return to original form, all they'll need to do is flip them over and restart the routine after all the buttons are popped. Part accessory, part toy, and a whole lot of fun.

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The "don't play with your food" rule has been thrown out the window, a lot, in the last few years — because let's be honest, play makes peas and carrots (among all the other challenging little-kid cuisines) a lot more tolerable. For your older kids, on the other hand, all food that can be eaten with regular chopsticks, like sushi, noodles, etc. will taste that much better stick-twirled with the force. Offered in bold red and blue LED pairs, these chopsticks are liable to make even you come over to the dark side.

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We have to take a page out of Dani Rojas's (Ted Lasso fans out there? #heyyooo!) book here and say that stickers are life for big kids. They're collectable, they're appropriate for pretty much any surface, and they're good vibe curators, basically. With Pipsticks, each sticker sheet can tickle your kids' imaginations and knock their socks off with jaw-dropping cuteness from every little illustration! From rainbows and tacos to t-rexs and toadstools, their library of hundreds of the highest-quality, most finely-detailed sticker sheets just bring all the joy. Who knows, the right sticker pack could even inspire their next bedroom makeover...

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These super cute scratch-off notes make us think of middle school SO much. Who else had Five Star notebooks that you'd write in (during free time, of course) and then pass around to your friends in-between classes or on the way to lunch in a sort of round-robin, yearbook inscriptions unedited kind of way? Well, the premise is pretty similar here. Your tweens or teens can make their own scratch-off notes, by writing handwritten messages in the designated area, covering it with the scratch-off sticker provided, and then telling their friends to scratch and reveal their hidden messages! The set of 24 assorted notes (6 each of 4 designs) boasts fun geometric patterns, and the cards are the perfect size to slip into lockers or hand off in the hallway.

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Who else remembers a stocking full of Lip Smackers when they were in elementary school? Or even those fun rollerball lip glosses? If I close my eyes, I can throwback to the late 90s really quickly and get that olfactory memory of the intoxicating Vanilla scent (we all knew and loved). Well, today, the early cosmetics game is same, but a little different in a fruity-meets-floral VSCO vibes fragrance layered with fluffy cotton candy musk that captures the sweet euphoria of dreamy summer days. It's the yummiest first fragrance for kids and teens, plus it's pediatrician-approved and protected by a durable silicone sleeve with a tie-dye swirl.

Tweens & Teens

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Any tween or teen who wants to start creating an "aesthetic" in their room will love how easy it can be done with these fun LED fairy lights. The strand spans 98 feet with small, clear clips interspersed along the length to hold their favorite photos. So while it's night lights for your younger set, the pretty glow of these hangable lights is similarly calming and sleep mood-setting. And if they're up late at night with too much on their minds, the long-lasting LED bulbs can illuminate their photos so they can see them even when it's dark. And for just $10 a strand, don't worry about stocking up, because they work wonders in dorm rooms!

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Temporary tattoos make sense for any stocking stuffer list, because they stuff sensationally! Not only that, they come in so many fun varieties that if your fashionistas want to "dress up" their holiday outfits with a non-jewelry accessory, they can with one minted from vegetable ink (a safer, non-toxic take). These adorable puppy tattoos from Rifle Paper Co.'s are so cute, we totally see them trending for the high school crowd!

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Uncommon Goods

Okay, I'll admit, I know what TikTok is, but I don't really know how it works 🤦🏻‍♀️. If I had teens already, I'd be ALL in on this game, but sadly I don't yet. That's why I'm flagging it for anyone else who feels me! The game consists of 100 cards with more than 200 zany ideas for posting on the mini-video sharing app TikTok. Try “In These Shoes?,” which requires the player to turn basic household objects into high heels and then walk in them (yes, this is a thing on TikTok). Or “Your Birth Song,” where you create a dance routine for the number one single on the day you were born. Have your social media pros shoot the masterpieces, post them, and see who gets the most views. It's bonding time with the fam, but a little more public.

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I forgot to mention one last thing about the "Go get your stockings and wake us in an hour" experiment. The present opening didn't actually start until my parents had the camcorder (yep, dating myself a bit there) ready and mugs of coffee in hand. Admit it: while it isn't a nice bold roast, gourmet hot cocoa is still a smile-worthy cup that you wouldn't mind waking up to. This giftable set includes two delicious flavors by way of handmade hot cocoa cubes: classic cocoa and white chocolate, plus a peppermint topping. All your kids (the older ones who can navigate hot beverages) have to do is drop one of these ingenious cubes into a mug of hot milk, and voilà! They've got your gift-unwrapping secret weapon all prepped. We won't tell if you steal one (or two) after they've gone to bed and freestyle it to make a holiday cocktail. Promise 🤫