This $22 Mini Ice Cream Maker Will Make a Pint of Ice Cream in Just 30 Minutes

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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

One of my fondest memories is making ice cream at Boy Scout camp. The ice cream was an attempt to lift our spirits after our entire week at camp had been rained out. (For seven days in a row, we woke up in the rain, tied knots in the rain, and went to bed in the rain.) And although the the right tools on hand makes the process so much easier and the results so much tastier. The problem with most at-home ice cream makers is that they usually take up a lot of room in your freezer while their contents are waiting to be eaten. That’s why I love this mini ice cream maker that churns out just less than one pint at a time. It’s super easy to use — and at $22, it’s much cheaper than other bulky machines.

The machine comes from Dash, which has enamored our editors with their other miniature countertop appliances — a toaster oven, rice cooker, and two kinds of waffle makers, and more. It has a removable core that you can leave in the freezer overnight, then put it in the machine, pour in your ice cream base, and pop the top on to start churning. It has no frills and no unnecessary extra features, just a simple ON/OFF switch and the ability to make ice cream, sorbet, or gelato in less than 30 minutes. It’s everything you want in an ice cream maker — and it’s easy enough for kids to operate, too.

Making your own ice cream or frozen dessert is a perfect summer activity because you know there’s a treat coming at the end — and it’s one you have total control over. You get to customize the flavors and add as many mix-ins as you want. And, as great as the ice cream is after you let it firm up in the freezer, there’s something so delightful about eating a few spoonfuls of the freshly churned mixture when it’s still semi-soft.

Credit: Amazon

For all the Amazon shoppers who gave this a five-star rating, they really appreciate its ease of use and miniature size. One reviewer who has been cutting back on sweets prefers the Dash’s smaller portions: “It’s just my husband and me … [and] we can’t eat a quart of ice cream by ourselves anymore. This Dash ice cream maker is perfect!” Another reviewer found that it can create a delicious soft-serve consistency in just 15 minutes, and also likes that it doesn’t leave them with too much left over: “I really don’t want to have quarts of ice cream around, no matter the carb count. So, for me, this is perfect. I can make a treat when I want, but not too much.”

Pick this up for your home or give it as a fun gift, maybe to a recent graduate who’s looking forward to a relaxing summer before starting college in the fall. Whoever receives this, they’ll enjoy being able to customize their own refreshing desserts at home. Check out these cool recipes as a starting point, then get creative!