The No-Bake Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pie of My Dreams Tastes Just Like a Reese’s Cup

published May 15, 2024
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Copycat Costco chocolate peanut butter pie with slice ready to be plated.
Credit: Patty Catalano

Confession: I’ve never been to Costco as an adult. I have fond memories from when I was a kid, loading up on free samples while my dad shopped. But the thought of navigating the mega chain on my own makes me break out in a sweat. I thrive at grocery shopping when I have a specific game plan and can confidently navigate the aisles. The anxiety of not knowing exactly what I will find, paired with the many checkout etiquette rules, means my husband always goes instead. And because he is not a peanut butter and chocolate fanatic like I am (how isn’t everyone?!), this means I’ve never gotten to try the famous 4 1/2–pound pie.  

This behemoth of a pie has four layers: graham cracker crust, a creamy peanut butter filling, a chocolate filling, and “more peanut buttery and slightly sweeter” peanut butter swirls piped on top, according to our senior grocery editor Mara Weinraub. Mara says it’s big enough to serve at least 12 people and is in fact “dangerously delicious.” But it’s not something our very own Patty Catalano — The Kitchn’s official Costco queen — can’t recreate and make better. Her copycat recipe, dear reader, is a 15/10. 

What Makes This Recipe So Good

If you like peanut butter cups, you will fall hard for this pie. It starts with a just-sweet-enough graham cracker crust (no baking required!) and is followed by two very thick and decadent layers of peanut butter and chocolate. It has the perfect amount of salt to balance everything out so you can go more than a couple bites before you need a break. And most importantly, you don’t need a special membership to make it! 

Credit: Patty Catalano

Why This Recipe Really Works

The graham cracker crust is basic and reliable. It’s delicious and not something to mess with in a pie that has so much else going on. 

The chocolate layer is where things get really interesting. First, you’ll melt mini marshmallows with heavy cream and a pinch of salt in the microwave. Then you’ll immediately stir in chocolate chips, stirring until smooth, then letting it cool until barely warm to touch. According to Patty, the marshmallows provide “just enough gelatin to help it set while allowing the chocolate flavors to come through.” 

The peanut butter filling takes on a luxe mousse-like texture after you combine it with softened cream cheese and heavy cream. It gets perfectly airy and fluffy in just over a minute, thanks to a food processor. To make things easier on yourself, you’ll save some of this filling to pipe on top later instead of making something else. 

When layered all together, it’s pure bliss. And another excuse for me to keep avoiding Costco. 

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