33 of the Coolest Play Kitchen Accessories

updated Nov 11, 2022
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Credit: From Left to Right: Melissa & Doug, Uncommon Goods, Pottery Barn Kids

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Play kitchens are the ultimate childhood toy. As a parent, I love my daughter’s play kitchen because it keeps her occupied while I’m making dinner, and it encourages her to engage in pretend play. She’s made me everything from “pot roast” to concoctions only a toddler could think up. I do have to make sure I check her pretend oven for rotting fruit every so often, but all in all, the play kitchen is one of the most loved toys in our house. 

Many play kitchens don’t come with a ton of accessories, and the ones they do come with are usually pretty generic. To liven up your child’s play kitchen, we found 33 of the coolest play kitchen accessories, some of which you probably already have lying around your house. Whether you’re looking to get your kid their first play kitchen or you want to liven up the one you already have, there are plenty of fun options here at every price point. 

Credit: Target

Upcycle: empty dish soap container and sponge

Some of the best play kitchen accessories are already in your home. Give your child an old dish soap container and sponge so they can wash dishes in their pretend sink. 

Upcycle: empty food containers

Rather than throwing out your old food containers, clean them thoroughly and turn them into play food! Think cereal boxes, yogurt containers, pasta boxes, and condiment containers. Just be sure to stay away from glass, cans, or other containers that might have sharp edges.  

Upcycle: old baby bottle brushes 

If you’re past the baby bottle cleaning stage, don’t throw away those cleaning brushes! Your kids will find plenty of use for them in their play kitchen. 

Upcycle: old dish towels, cleaning cloths, or baby washcloths 

Before you get rid of old dish towels, cleaning cloths, and baby washcloths, consider adding them to the play kitchen, too. Kids can use them as hot pads, tea towels, napkins, and anything else they can imagine. You could even cut them into smaller pieces to make them truly tiny-kitchen-sized.

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Play kitchens are more fun when kids get to look the part. This role play kit includes an apron, chef’s hat, hot pad, oven mitt, and kitchen utensils. Kids can use this set to play or to help out in the kitchen.

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This simple 3-piece set is perfect for pretend tea parties. It’s a ceramic set, so make sure you supervise kids until they learn to treat these play items with care.

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Personalize their play kitchen towels, too! Add their name or a fun phrase to these festive towels. The shop also sells towels that aren’t seasonal, like this cupcake one or this kitchen utensil one.

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If your kid likes to include water in every play kitchen creation like mine does, they’ll love this dispenser. It also provides a great opportunity for young kids to work on pouring skills.

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Personalization is always fun, and they’ll feel like a real chef in their personalized apron and matching chef’s hat. With 10 different colors available and room for 256 characters of personalization, you can really make the apron unique to your child.

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Melissa & Doug

We don’t recommend upcycling real cans since they can be sharp, but this pretend set includes 10 play cans in various sizes. The lids come off, too, so they can put pretend food inside.

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If you’re tired of bright, flashy toys, you’ll enjoy adding this pastel cookware set to your child’s play kitchen. It includes everything they need to set the table: plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, and more.

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The play kitchen just got real with this smoothie maker that can make real smoothies. They can add frozen fruit and a liquid such as juice or coconut water to make their smoothie. The best part about it: no batteries needed.

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With this Play-Doh kit, kids get to make realistic grilled cheese sandwiches with an elastic compound that mimics gooey cheese. It also comes with molds and Play-Doh colors to add lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.

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Fat Brain Toys

Kids can serve up delicious ice cream treats with this 25-piece ice cream parlor set. The scoop holds the ice cream perfectly and you can stack them on the ice cream cones. Fun for kids and great to strengthen those fine motor skills.

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was $25.90

This 8-piece toaster set includes a toaster, toast, butter, jelly, and a knife. The toast actually pops out of the toaster when you press the handle, providing fun interactive play!

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was $17.99

The Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot is a fun toy on its own, but it makes an even better addition to a play kitchen. The talking toy plays melodies, suggests recipes, talks about food, and more. It provides just enough interaction to engage kids in play, but not so much that they become passive consumers.

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was $22.99

No play kitchen is complete without pots and pans. This stainless steel set includes one pot, three pans, lids, ladles, and a potholder. Kids enjoy this set because they look so realistic, just like the pots and pans their parents and caregivers use.

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Maybe their play kitchen didn’t come with any food accessories or maybe you really want to increase their stock. Either way, this 115-piece set has you covered. From milk cartons to watermelon, they’ll find everything they need in this play food set.

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Melissa & Doug

Kids can learn about different food groups and practice sorting (an important pre-math skill) when they play with this food set. It includes food from all five food groups along with wooden crates to separate them into.

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Melissa & Doug

Kids can whip up beautiful pretend cookies with this set. The cookies velcro together, so they can slice up the dough with the included knife before decorating their cookies and putting them in their pretend oven. The kit also includes a spatula, cookie sheet, and oven mitt.

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Melissa & Doug

Kids can serve up a nice pancake breakfast with this kit that includes two pancakes, nine topping pieces, butter, a skillet, a knife, a spatula, and a place setting. This is a fun way for kids to serve up a whole meal, from cooking it on the pretend skillet to plating it on the placemat.

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Learning Resources

Stir fry lovers rejoice! This stir fry set includes a wok, a to-go container, a fortune cookie, tongs, a spatula, and six different vegetables. For kids hesitant to eat vegetables, playing with them in this set may make them more approachable when it comes to real meals.

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This cute little mixer and cookie set is a favorite in our play kitchen. My daughter enjoys putting ingredients in the mixer and serving up her concoctions. It comes with a mixer, bowl, rolling pin, baking sheet, ingredients, and two cookies.

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Pottery Barn Kids

This beautiful wooden food set includes watermelon, tomato, bread, cucumber, carrot, pepper, and avocado. Each piece in the set can be sliced with the included knife. This is great for developing those hand muscles and motor skills.

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When kids have play food, they often like to play store as well. They can pretend to shop and scan their play food with this scanner and shopping basket. The interactive basket plays songs, counts food, and more.

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These realistic dishes and utensils are ideal for setting the play table. They’re even dishwasher safe, making them super easy to clean. The set includes four complete place settings.

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Adding a working sink to the play kitchen makes things infinitely more exciting. Just fill with water, and the faucet actually dispenses water. The included accessories change color in warm water, making playtime even more fun.

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Melissa & Doug

This stainless steel pots and pans set includes a colander, a pot, two pans, lids, two wooden utensils, and a storage rack to keep everything organized. They’re just the right size for kids to play with, but they look like the real thing!

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Pottery Barn Kids

This stainless steel pot and colander comes with various types of soft pasta. It also includes a pastry wheel and serving utensils. If pasta night is a staple in your household, this set is a must.

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Pottery Barn Kids

If you prefer wooden toys, this wooden dish and cooking set is ideal. Kids can cook and set the pretend table with the included pot, pan, utensils, dishes, and salt and pepper.

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was $39.99

If your kids watch you make coffee every morning, they’ll be sure to imitate your actions with their own coffee set. It includes everything they need to make delicious pretend coffee: whipped toppings, sugar, milk, and more.

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Crate & Barrel
was $79.00

This felt picnic set is ideal for babies and younger kids who aren’t quite ready for more advanced play food. It includes a baguette, two strawberries, a fig, a brie wheel, two brie slices, a bunch of grapes, and a tablecloth.

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was $54.99

From a timer to utensils to measuring spoons, this kit includes all the kitchen supplies they need to complete their recipes. For kids who already have plenty of play food but not many kitchen tools, this set will complete their play kitchen collection.