The Cool Aunt and Uncle’s Guide to Great Kid Gifts for Any Age

updated Oct 28, 2022
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One of the best parts about being an aunt or uncle is spoiling your nieces and nephews. Figuring out the perfect gift that they won’t stop talking about, however, can be difficult. Sometimes, parents can be helpful by saving some of the hot ticket items for you to buy, and other times, you’re on your own. If you’re on your own this year in figuring out what to buy your nieces, nephews, young cousins — or even kids of close friends — we’ve got you covered.

We put together a list of some of the coolest presents for kids of all ages — gifts only the coolest aunts and uncles would think to buy. A giant UFO fort, a backyard roller coaster, a remote control car that drives on water, a karaoke machine … we have all that and more. If you’re a cool aunt or uncle and you’re racking your brain for gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Babies & Toddlers

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My daughter and my nephew both have versions of this toy, and they have been a hit for years. This mini roller coaster can be set up inside or outside, and it allows kids to get that adrenaline rush again and again ... and again.

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When my daughter first played with this toy, she had never even seen Paw Patrol, yet it quickly found a permanent spot in our living room. The ultimate tower includes fun features like lights and sounds, and it's about as tall as your typical toddler. If you want any Paw Patrol fan's eyes to light up, this is the toy.

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Ride-on toys are incredibly cool for toddlers. They get to feel like a grown-up operating their own vehicle. Luckily for parents, this frontloader only goes 1.5 miles per hour, so it won't be too anxiety-inducing watching their little one drive for the first time.

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The littlest of babies shouldn't be left out of the gift-giving fun even though they don't really know what's going on. Give them something they'll grow to love with these beautiful crib sheets that make them look like they're nestled into a cozy animal habitat.

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The CoComelon craze among babies and young toddlers is here to stay. Bring their favorite show to life with this interactive JJ doll that sings and eats his peas.

Little Kids

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If you're looking for a gift that also equals quality time together, consider this birdhouse kit. You can build and paint it with your niece or nephew then marvel together when a bird makes a home in the house.

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The KidiZoom Smartwatch allows kids to take pictures, add filters, play games, track their steps, and more. Little kids like to be just like adults; they'll feel so grown up and important with this watch.

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Ah, the days of communicating via walkie-talkie. Even though we have cellphones and computers aplenty now, walkie-talkies remain a safe and fun way for kids to play and talk to each other. This set has a 500-foot range and even has an LCD screen.

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The Nugget play couch is the ultimate gift that kids can use for relaxing or playing. If you're looking to knock it all out with one gift for a set of siblings, the Nugget is an excellent choice. It is pricey, so definitely a very special-occasion gift.

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Similar to the pogo stick you remember from your childhood, this foam version is a great starter for younger kids. Because it's made of foam, they can safely bounce inside or outside to get all that energy out.

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They can take the Batmobile on any adventure with this remote control version that is truly all-terrain. It can drive on dirt, rocks, snow, grass, and even water.

Big Kids

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Kids who have bought into the fidget craze will be blown away by this gift. The box includes 25 different fidget toys, from squish balls to stretchy strings.

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Coding is a fun — and extremely useful — skill. When kids practice coding with this robot, they can create beautiful art. It comes preprogrammed with shapes and games, and kids can write their own codes as well.

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This snap and shoot camera lets kids take selfies or capture the world around them. It's the perfect size for kids and is a great starter camera for photogs and amateurs alike.

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This cute little puppy needs some tender love and care when it's first unboxed. Kids will need to shave, wash, and style their puppy before they can get a true picture of what their new best friend looks like.

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Singing Machine

Your nieces and nephews might thank you for this gift, but be prepared for some shade from their parents. Kids can blast their singing through the house with this karaoke machine that works with all music and karaoke apps.

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Give kids a really cool space of their own with this air fort that operates with a box fan. This is a simple gift that seems larger than life, and parents will love you for this one because the fort folds up easily for storage.

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Pit your nieces and nephews against their parents with this fun board game. It includes unique challenges and trivia questions they'll need to complete on the way to finding out who wins: kids or parents.

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Give your nieces and nephews the ultimate board game: Jumanji. This deluxe electronic version will make them feel like they're really running from a stampede of animals and fighting for their lives!

Tweens & Teens

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Tweens and teens will be able to create the most enviable videos with this underwater video camera. They can take it on every adventure, whether it's a day at the lake or taking fun pictures in the swimming pool.

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Williams Sonoma

They'll be able to easily make the most beautiful pop-up cakes with this kit. This is the perfect gift for the kid who is constantly creating new things in the kitchen. The kit includes cake and icing mix, so they can get started right away.

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PB Teen

Tweens and teens love to make their room feel cozy. If they're also a Harry Potter fan, they won't be able to wait to hang up these golden snitch string lights. Each string includes six lights.

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With Shimmer Me body art, they can customize their own roll-on tattoos. The kit comes with 180 different designs they can mix and match. The tattoos last for about 24 hours and wash off easily.

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Designed specifically for tweens and teens, this fun card game is like a more wholesome take on the popular game Cards Against Humanity. Kids use the cards in their hand to create the most hilarious fill-in-the-blank scenario. The rules are simple and the result is a lot of laughs!