My Kids Love These “Ugly” Weighted Plushies — And They’re on Major Sale

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My kids have sensory processing disorder and are all about the weighted blankets and “heavy work,” as occupational therapists put it. They hug you tighter than you’ve ever been hugged and want to be snuggled right back. The sensation of weight or tight hugs helps many kids feel less stress and anxiety. We’ve had various weighted toys over the years, but Bumpas, the “Ugly Dolls”-inspired weighted plush toys, which have won several awards this year, are their favorite. Bonus: They’re currently on sale at Amazon, and you can stack an extra coupon on top, too. 

Quick Overview

What’s So Great About Bumpas?

These weighted plushies are comforting for kids ages 3 and up, and they’re currently on sale at Amazon. At this price, I can afford to get a few for all my kids’ friends!

Why My Kids Love Their Bumpas Weighted Plushies

My kids were thrilled by the bright colors and soft textures of these large stuffies (they’re 11 inches wide and 25 inches tall). The big design is so, when you hug them, the deep pressure stimulation feels substantial, like hugging a friend. I thought these toys wouldn’t be heavy enough for my kids because the majority of the weight is in the arms, but that actually makes it so they can “hug” you back which is meant to help produce a calming effect. 

Other aspects of the design are simply delightful. The hands form a heart shape, which is a cute detail, and the different “characters” have names and descriptors so your kid can pick the one they most identify with. We have Shin Shin, the creative and quirky one and Oz, the gentle, soulful one. All the characters have sweet, sleepy eyes in front and open eyes in the back to watch over scared kids who fear being alone at night. 

My daughter sits at the table with her Bumpas weighted plush on her shoulders, like she’s carrying a kid, which is cute and gives her the sensory input she craves. My son is prone to being the big spoon for his plush, with its arms around him while he sleeps. Or, he uses the body as a pillow and drapes the arms across his torso. Along with his weighted blanket, the Bumpas provides him with a sense of security and better sleep. 

Because of their size, you might think these large toys are too big for traveling, but they are, in fact, designed to be good travel pillows. The weighted arms help the doll stay in place in an upright position whether they’re on a plane, train, or automobile. Plus, if your child finds the creature comforting at home, it might be worth it to bring it along on your trip to help reduce any travel or transition worries.

These Bumpas weigh 3 pounds, so they’re recommended for ages 3 and up. The eyes are flush with the body and there are no other chokeables, either. As for cleaning, I haven’t had to clean ours yet, but like many stuffies, they’re spot-clean only.

Beyond Bumpas weighted plushies being great for my kids, they’re surprisingly comforting for adults too! One happened to be on the couch the other night and I found myself cuddling it while reading. I have to say the tactile sensations on this thing are fabulous for kids of all ages — myself included. The floppy ears are fun to fiddle with and the texture differences throughout make for an interesting tactile sensation without being overwhelming or unpleasant. 

I’ll be gifting Bumpas in the future because they’re still quite new, so not everyone has one yet, and at this price, I can afford to get a few for all my kids’ friends — I know they’ll be a hit!

Buy: Bumpas Weighted Plush Toy, $34.99 (originally $45)