These Quirky, Colorful Kids’ Bedrooms Look Like They Belong In a Wes Anderson Movie

published May 8, 2023
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If you’re familiar with Wes Anderson’s movies (or if you have trending videos dotting your socials that are an homage to the director), you know that they’re known for their bright color, whimsical feeling, and attention to symmetry. 

Anderson’s movies feel like stepping into a rosy, light-hearted dream, so it’s no surprise that people would want to emulate that feeling in their homes (like this space in Ontario!).

Jo Dabrowski, a Melbourne-based children’s book author, and her husband, Andrew “Fish” Fisher, have two sons who are 11 and 13 years old, and their rooms are vibrantly colored and call to mind color palettes not unlike those you’d find in a Wes Anderson film! “I take inspiration from all sorts of places, whether it’s cities we’ve traveled to or something I’ve seen in a film. I particularly love the Paddington films and anything by Wes Anderson,” Dabrowski wrote in this full house tour on Apartment Therapy. Here’s a closer look at her sons’ rooms:

The 11-Year-Old’s Bedroom

Wood paneling in Dabrowski and Fisher’s 11-year-old son’s bedroom adds symmetry to the space and anchors the fireplace and artwork to the walls. Another bonus: The top of the paneling has molding that acts as a display area for her son’s knickknacks!

There is also so much joyful color! It’s not just Dulux’s “Happy Days” paint color that adds vibrancy to the space. Whether it’s the orange lamp shade and chair, the blue comforter or fish above the fireplace mantel, or the various artworks around the room, all the bright shades blend together to create a happy sensation.

The 13-Year-Old’s Bedroom

One of the cool features about Dabrowski and Fisher’s 13-year-old son’s bedroom is that his walls (which are colored in Dulux’s “Green Spruce”) are covered in fun accents. Like his brother’s room, the 13-year-old’s bedroom walls are adorned with scientific, colorful prints, and futuristic trinkets are proudly displayed on furniture. Both spaces’ design elements feel meaningful, intentional, and cultivated to encourage happiness and creativity — similar to a Wes Anderson film.

And even though the Wes Anderson aesthetic is trending on social media (and the director’s taste will forever be appreciated!), Dabrowski believes in designing spaces solely based on your truth. “Don’t worry about trends,” she writes. “If you love something and it makes you happy, then it will look great in your home.”

If you love these boys’ bedrooms and want to see more, check out the whole home tour on Apartment Therapy.

Product List

11-Year-Old’s Bedroom

  • “Happy Days” — Dulux
  • Single bed — Domayne
  • Lamp — IKEA
  • Desk — IKEA
  • Desk chair — IKEA
  • Storage boxes under bed — Ay-Kasa

13-Year-Old’s Bedroom

  • “Green Spruce” — Dulux
  • Single bed — Domayne
  • Lamp — IKEA
  • Desk — IKEA
  • Filing cabinet — IKEA