A graphic showcasing four gifts for active kids: a mini skateboard, an ankle skip ball, a jungle gym, and a scooter ride-on toy
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The Best Gifts for Active Kids

updated Oct 31, 2023
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It feels like kids are always on the move—running, jumping, climbing, and swinging whenever humanly possible. And it turns out, all that activity is actually great for their development, whether they’re working on balance or gross motor skills or just strengthening their muscles. Encouraging active play shows kids that having an active lifestyle is desirable, fostering a lifelong interest in movement and play that will serve them well. Here are some of our favorite toys for active play.

Quick Overview

Our Top Pick

The Wheelbarrow Pretend and Play Toy ($31.95) from Fat Brain Toys is our top pick for active play toys because it encourages open-ended, outdoor play that gets kids moving and even possibly helping out with the yard work!

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Toys Under $20

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These blocks turn yoga into a fun game that teaches children 24 different yoga moves in three levels of difficulty. Kids will love challenging themselves to hold poses for 15, 30, or 45 seconds at a time.

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Uncommon Goods

Designed for kids 7 and up who are always on the go, this cool riff on a scavenger hunt inspires kids to stop and really look at the world around them. Kids track their discoveries on bingo-style sheets using brightly colored stickers.

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Fat Brain Toys

Give your couch cushions a break, and upgrade to the Original The Floor is Lava board game, where kids use a spinner to determine which colored foam piece to jump to next. This silly, active game will keep your kids moving!

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Challenge your kids (6 and up) to see how long they can keep hopping and spinning with this glittery version of the classic toy, named the Winner of the National Parenting Product Award 2020.

Toys $20 – $40

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Fat Brain Toys

Your toddler was born to hop, so give them a cute rabbit friend to hop on. This soft and bouncy inflatable rabbit is a wonderful source of exercise for kids around 2 years old.

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was $38.99

The design on this rug simulates a hopscotch course on pavement on a soft, safe surface that kids will love jumping across, encouraging their sense of body control and rhythm.

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Fat Brain Toys

Kids can sit or stand on these toys as they wiggle and wobble, making popping sounds with the suction cups on the bottom. Ideal for kids who never seem to want to sit still, Teeter Poppers encourage motor skills and balance while strengthening core and leg muscles.

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Fat Brain Toys

Let kids lend a hand in the garden with this kid-sized wheelbarrow, perfect for toting whatever they may find in the yard from one place to another. This is an excellent toy for outdoor, open-ended play, and it’s designed to be maneuvered easily by small children.

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Let the kids play after dark with this light-up soccer ball that gets brighter the more you play with it. Perfect for a quick post-dinner soccer game!

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Fat Brain Toys

Kids 4 and up will love bouncing around on this squeaking pogo jumper, for indoor or outdoor play. The bungee cord can support up to 250 pounds, meaning this toy will last as long as your child wants to play with it.

7 / 8

With their quiver full of suction cup arrows, your kids can hone their aim and coordination while shooting realistic-feeling arrows from their adjustable bow at the free-standing target for hours of outdoor or indoor fun.

8 / 8

Break out the helmets and the knee pads because your kiddo will love these brightly-colored skateboards designed for younger skaters. My four-year-old loves practicing her moves (promoting both coordination and resiliency) on her Quip Mini Cruiser, even if she doesn’t always quite nail it.

Toys $40+

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was $79.99

You want to chill out with a book on the beach, but your kids are…bored? This Jr. Metal Detector will have them combing the sand for hours as they hunt for real-life treasure, so you can finally get back to that page-turner.

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was $84.98

Encourage your kids to connect with their bodies with this tumbling mat—a safe surface for somersaults and cartwheels. Kids can work out their dance routines or practice yoga with this brightly colored foam mat.

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was $578.99

If you’re tired of saying, “please don’t climb on that” or “the sofa isn’t a jungle gym,” this might be the perfect choice for your active kid. Designed for indoor use, this indoor climbing structure has all the features kids love—a rock climbing wall, slide, swing, horizontal bar, cargo climbing net, rope ladder and monkey bars! This climber can be used by kids as young as 1, up to about 8.

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This sturdy climber will keep your kids entertained for years, as they climb, hang, flip, and swing from the powder-coated steel bars. And while they’re playing, they’ll be improving their motor skills, coordination, agility, and spatial awareness.

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Kids as young as 18 months and as old as 5 will love learning the basics of cycling on a balance bike built with them in mind. Everything on this durable steel bike is adjustable, so it can grow with your child, and the foam rubber tires mean you don’t have to worry about blowouts.

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Timeless Italian design meets a fun ride-on toy in the Primo Ride On, designed for kids ages 1-5. They’ll love scooting around on this bright orange vehicle. Teach them to wave and say, ‘Ciao!’ to take the cuteness factor over the top.

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Nordstrom Rack

Perfect for pool play, this light-up floating volleyball set is tons of fun for 2-4 friends. With its waterproof LED lights, this toy makes nighttime water volleyball possible.

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Teaching kids yoga from an early age is a gift that will last them a lifetime. This adorable yoga mat, decorated with ladybugs, trees, and friendly bears, would make any child want to practice tree pose. And the best part is, it’s machine-washable.

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There are so many different ways to play with this table: adjust the pipe set to create custom water features, get creative with the included paint crayons, or just dig into the sand bin. The table is height-adjustable, too, so it'll go from toddler to big kid.

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Your baby will have a blast scooting around with this walker as they begin taking their first steps. When they tire of strolling around, they can play with the weather-inspired shapes and cogs, flexing those early motor skills.

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Designed for kids 5 and up (up to 130 pounds), this kids’ kayak encourages a child’s love of adventure with features like a stable paddling platform and swim-up step, that make it easy for them to get started in the water.

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