The 20 Best Toys and Gifts From West Elm Kids

published Oct 27, 2022
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Graphic showing a round up of four toys from West Elm Kids:  Modern Pegasus Rocker, a Dinosaur Matching Game, a Circus Play Tent, and a Plush Lion
Credit: West Elm Kids

There are countless reasons to love West Elm, the veritable shopping paradise for the lover of all things mid-century design. From swoon-worthy furniture to must-have kitchen wares, and everything in between, the offerings at West Elm rarely fail to delight. As you can imagine, the brand’s selection of children’s toys, gifts, and playthings is no different. 

With plenty to stock the playroom, West Elm Kids features a collection of design-forward toys and gifts that capture the sweet whimsy of childhood — and look good while they’re at it. Below, we share 20 of our favorite finds from the brand, including products to promote pretend play, creative expression, and good, old-fashioned fun. 

Our Top Pick

Our top pick from West Elm Kids is the Ultimate Art Easel, which delivers on the hope that children’s playthings can be both functional and cute. This easel features a clean, minimalist design so as not to overpower a space. And we love its roomy storage for all your little artist’s supplies.

The 20 Best Toys and Gifts From West Elm Kids

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West Elm

Bright, fun, and brimming with inspiration, this 500-piece puzzle features 15 real-life women who made their mark on art history. What’s more, this puzzle is beautifully illustrated, making your little one’s finished work a piece of art in itself!

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West Elm

Add a dose of cheer to your child’s learning with this counting frame and rainbow-hued felt ball set. Use the frame to practice motor skills, along with counting and simple math processes.

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West Elm

This canvas and wooden play tent packs a whole lot of whimsy, promising to be a magical hideaway for imaginative play. Tie the flaps back or let them loose when your kiddo wants some time away.

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West Elm
was $229.00

There’s so much to love about this children’s art easel, including its two-shelf storage for creative supplies, double-sided easel with both a whiteboard and chalkboard, and did we mention it’s cute as can be and on wheels?

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West Elm

Lightweight foam-filled cushions invite the youngest babies and toddlers to climb, crawl, and safely play. Each set includes 1 wedge block and 1 step block, and you can arrange them however you please.

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West Elm

Made from cotton and linen, this plush mouse ballerina adds beauty and magic to any little one’s room — and makes the perfect companion for hours of play.

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West Elm

Anyone can play both checkers and chess with this mod set that might as well double as an art piece. Flip the pieces over to reveal either checker pieces or chess pawns, and store them all beneath a wooden lid that serves as the game board.

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West Elm

Destined to be your child’s go-to stuffed animal, this sweet and cuddly Koala is irresistibly soft and made for bedtime snuggles.

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West Elm

Recommended for ages 3 and 4, this steel pedal car features a functional steering wheel to make zooming around indoors a breeze. A little trunk space invites kids to transport books and toys as they drive.

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West Elm

Crafted from solid maple wood, this darling matching game features two of each painted safari animal for a rousing game of memory.

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West Elm

This plastic cash register features kid-friendly buttons and a fun cha-ching noise to simulate a real trip to the grocery store. While the money is sold separately, kids can pretend to shop with the included credit card (who carries cash anyway these days?).

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West Elm

Kids can cook up an Italian feast with this pasta set, complete with a stainless steel pot and colander, spaghetti spoon, pasta wheel, and yummy-looking felt raviolis.

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West Elm

What’s even sweeter than an old-fashioned rocking horse? Why, a rocking pegasus, of course! This mythical creature is crafted from solid rubberwood and bent plywood, and is ready to whisk your little one on a rocking adventure through the (pretend) skies.

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West Elm

Consider this your perfect rainy day activity: A complete bowling set, including 10 rubber pins and a bowling ball, beckons kids to play.

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West Elm

So you have a theatrical kid on your hands? Then this play theater is for you! Made from polyester canvas and built upon a metal frame, this theater includes three backgrounds to inspire only the best storylines.

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West Elm

What’s one part wood, one part silicone, and 100 percent adorable? This giraffe grasping toy that’s a must-have for any infant on your gift-giving list.

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West Elm

A classic for good reason, this steel red wagon will stand the test of time — hauling children and playthings when they’re just too worn out to walk.

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West Elm

A perfect accompaniment to the cash register or play kitchen, this mini grocery basket and fruit set brings your little one’s pretend grocery run to a whole new level. This set includes a metal basket, alongside fruits like an apple, banana, orange, pineapple, and more.

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West Elm

A kitchen set any grown-up would envy, this mid-century play set encourages kids to whip up imaginary creations of their own. This set is made from solid poplar and engineered wood, and is crafted for kids ages 3 and up.

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West Elm
was $90.00

This cozy shearling chair makes a perfect spot for snuggling, reading, or thinking up some big ideas.

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