The 20 Best Toys and Gifts from Fat Brain Toys

published Oct 27, 2022
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A graphic showcasing four toys that can be found at Fat Brain Toys: light-up message board shaped like a cloud, chew cube, forest friends discovery tree, and whirly squigz spinners.
Credit: Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys is one of my go-to places to shop for unique kids’ toys that foster creativity and imagination. The site sells toys from various manufacturers in addition to “Fat Brain Collection” toys that the company designs, develops, and manufactures. 

When shopping on the site, you can sort by age or category, so it’s easy to find the perfect toy you’re looking for. The site includes a useful “age appropriateness” feature that uses a graph to display what ages previous purchasers think the item is most appropriate for. The chart also shows if any of the suggested ages are less than the manufacturer’s suggested age.

The site has so many fun and educational gifts that it was difficult to narrow it down to just 20! Below, you’ll find some of the best gifts from Fat Brain Toys for all ages and all price points. 

Our Top Pick

Our top pick, Crankity Brainteaser is $24.95. It’s a classic brain teaser that really encourages kids to think and concentrate. Because kids can play it at four different levels, it spans multiple age ranges as well.

Toys Under $20

1 / 7
Fat Brain Toys

In my experience, these books really are indestructible, and they’re ideal for babies who love to chew on everything. You don’t have to worry about them ruining these books, which makes reading a stress-free experience for both parents and babies.

2 / 7
Fat Brain Toys

While doing research for this article, I became so convinced that my seven-month-old twins needed one of these that I promptly ordered one. The teething tube is easy to grip and has a rattle inside. It’s also made of 100% food-grade silicone.

3 / 7
Fat Brain Toys

I always keep these reusable sticker pads on hand. They’re great to include in gifts, take on a road trip, or pull out of the closet when you need to keep your toddler busy. This one includes five scenes and over 165 reusable stickers, providing a springboard for lots of open-ended play.

4 / 7
Fat Brain Toys

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple cup in the eyes of a young child. From bath time to meal time to regular playtime, this gift is incredibly versatile. You’ll get six cups for the price, which is a pretty good deal considering how many uses your kids will find for them.

5 / 7
Fat Brain Toys

This gift is a fun and stylish way to add some light to a room. Kids will love it because they get to write on and personalize it. The cloud-shaped light runs on batteries and would be an adorable addition to any kid’s room.

6 / 7
Fat Brain Toys

Clay is kind of like Play-Doh for older kids. This clay set includes instructions to mold six different monsters. When they’re done, they can leave their creations out to harden to later put on display or give away as gifts.

7 / 7
Fat Brain Toys

Colorful and vibrant, this puzzle is ideal for older kids, teenagers, and even adults. Puzzles are excellent for developing and refining fine motor skills, concentration, spatial reasoning, and problem solving.

Toys $20 – $40

1 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

Whirly Squigz are a hit with the baby and toddler crowd. They’re spinny toys that suction to smooth, flat surfaces, like high chair trays, airplane windows, and bathtub walls. These toys are also safe for teething.

2 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

Budding musicians will enjoy making beats with this soft drum set. Babies can work on their gross motor skills while enjoying the music they make. The fabric on the set is made of various textures, which encourages sensory exploration as well.

3 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

This bath toy set includes three toys that allow kids to scoop, pour, and make a fountain. Pushing the dimpls will help young toddlers strengthen their finger muscles, which is important for their pincer grasp and other pre-writing skills.

4 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

A puzzle and block town set in one, this toy is a great springboard for pretend play. The puzzle is 35 pieces, and the blocks include a hospital, a police station, a fire station, a school, and more. Because the puzzle creates a play mat for the town, kids will have the motivation to complete the puzzle.

5 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

Brainteasers help kids develop critical thinking skills and perseverance. This one has four levels of difficulty, making it a lasting toy that will grow with your child. To successfully complete each puzzle, players must connect the red gear and the yellow wheel.

6 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

This silly game is like Pictionary, but you have to draw the pictures with your nose. Each team needs to draw and guess as many correct pictures as they can before the timer runs out. Break it out for family game night or just play with a friend; either way, it’s bound to bring on the laughs.

7 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

With this calming art activity, kids will have a beautiful unicorn mosaic when they’re done. The kit includes everything they’ll need to create their design, including hand-cut natural stones. All they need to do is dip each stone in glue before placing it on the frame according to the pattern.

8 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

Choose your own adventure books are so fun to read, and they can be enticing for reluctant readers. This set includes four books by R.A. Montgomery that take place in varied locations and time periods. These books will take your reader on epic adventures right from their bedroom.

9 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

This is a fun game that’s a little bit luck and a little bit skill. Players drop arrows onto a honeycomb gameboard. The first player to land three arrows in a row wins the game! What’s great about this game is that kids can play it alone or with friends.

Toys $40+

1 / 4
Fat Brain Toys

Ideal for emerging and early walkers, this activity center isn’t short on elements to entertain your child. From a clock to counting beads to spinning gears, there are plenty of activities to stimulate their mind and senses.

2 / 4
Fat Brain Toys

The Timber Tots Tree House is full of little hideaways and cozy rooms for the two included characters to play in. Kids can bring them up the elevator, take them for a ride in the swing, or even take them for a drive in the car. My four-year-old has enjoyed this toy since she was two, so it definitely has some longevity to it.

3 / 4
Fat Brain Toys

Magna-Tiles are a hit for kids of all ages; this set features six dinosaurs as well as extra large tiles. The tiles are beautifully colored and tropical-themed. This would be the perfect addition to an existing magnetic tile collection or as a standalone set.

4 / 4
Fat Brain Toys

Young scientists can create 100 experiments with this science kit. From a crystal-filled geode to gravity-defying goo, they’ll be amazed at the results of their scientific experiments.

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