10 Adorable Night Lights for Your Little Ones

published Dec 19, 2021
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Fox nightlight on a shelf with blocks and a basket of toys
Credit: Child Universe

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One of my preschool son’s all-time favorite book universes is that of “The Pout-Pout Fish.” Deborah Diesen and Dan Hanna are geniuses, and to be honest, we probably have 10 Pout-Pouts at home, varying in iteration from “The Pout-Pout Fish and the Big-Big Dark” to “The Pout-Pout Fish and the Can’t Sleep Blues” The books are clever and fun, the rhymes stick with you for life (IYKYK), and the lessons learned are ones that both kids and parents can appreciate. So, if you’ve gotten to the “But I’m scared of the dark …” phase of toddler and preschool-hood, don’t be afraid to take a page out of Pout-Pout’s book: Use a night light to help them feel brave and confident — looking at you, Mr. Lantern Fish — and enlist the help of a “Snoozy Snuggly” to keep them calm and composed as they drift off to sleep.

Below, check out these 10 best night lights for kids. From a sweet little moon that goes along with their favorite bedtime story to a colorful snail that lives inside a solar-powered mason jar, these night lights promise a glow so nice you won’t have to go in their rooms more than twice (you know, to check in on them). We’ve even included a couple stylish, room-illuminating decor options, for the kids who might need a little something-something to go to bed, but who can’t shake the “night lights are for babies” misconception. 

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Parenting is something that can easily make us all feel afraid of the dark, again. No lie, when we brought our son home from the hospital, we slept with a night light in our room for the first three or four months. And it wasn’t just to help with nighttime feedings. Nope, we were first time parents reasonably (and unreasonably) freaked out about everything. Was he swaddled correctly? Was he breathing okay? Was it too warm or cold in our room? The works. That’s why we think KELVIN is so clutch.

This little guy changes colors — from red to blue to yellow — depending on whether the room temperature is too hot, too cold, or just right! It also displays the room's humidity so you can be vigilant about factors that may lead to congestion, stuffy noses, or dryness! What’s more, you can customize the temperature thresholds based on recommendations from your own pediatrician.

It’s also just so compact and cute, it can become a little mascot for your baby’s bedtime routine.

Bath, teeth brushing, bedtime story, KELVIN prep!

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Fat Brain Toys

There’s definitely a point in time in between a baby’s first year and the start of toddlerhood, might not even be too long after they start sleeping in their own room, when you can sense a shift in temperament. Your baby, who used to be a fairly reliable sleeper, who didn’t give you too much trouble when they were put to bed for the night, is now growing anxious when you lay them down and turn out the lights. Hands up from those who’ve been there? I’m in the phase with my daughter right now, and it’s a total joy #imfinereally.

She doesn’t have a night light in her room, but I’ve been thinking about getting something like this little moon board book and night light combo. Perfect for a bedtime story, the book is brief, easy to follow, and while you read, your little one can feel cozy holding their moon. I can totally imagine putting my babe in bed, turning out the light, and leaving the moon on her nightstand to gently lull her to sleep. It has a simple on/off switch, so you can sneak in later and turn it off in a flash.

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LumiPets are hugely popular for the toddler set, for a variety of reasons. Each adorable animal night light comes with a battery that lasts up to 12 hours, so children can play with it all day and then fall asleep to its gentle light before it runs out. Made from a high-quality silicone that is super durable and doesn’t heat up while in use, the cuties can illuminate a bedroom from a bedside nightstand or be cuddled by especially anxious sleepers. This bunny can serve as a perfect snuggle companion without the accompanying pet-hassles.

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Shaped like a sweet little lion, this LED night light features two different control settings for continuous and timed lighting options. Set it for continuous light, if your child wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to light their path to the bathroom, or engage the three-hour timer so it turns off while they are fast asleep. It runs on batteries, and isn’t tethered to a cord, so, moms and dads, you can place it anywhere in their room — whether that’s next to their bookshelf or on a nightstand (where they might want to stash a glass of water for middle-of-the-night sips).

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To say that we’re mildly obsessed with this solar-powered night light would be a major exaggeration. Inside this colorfully-capped mason jar sits a happy little 3D snail (handcrafted wood with wool felt and paper embellishments) in front of a whimsical forest background. The lid is crafted with a built-in LED light that automatically turns on in the dark to light up the inside of the jar. All your child needs to do is place the glass in front of the window daily, to recharge, so that once they go to sleep at night their night light can go to work! The wonderful thing about this one is that the light is subtle and soothing, versus bright and distracting.

It’s a true accent piece and something that will instantly spark joy in your summer firefly-catching kiddos. The snail is the newest release in this special keepsake collection, so imagine the symphony of animals you’ll have on-hand (if you get one for each of your children’s rooms) if you ever lose power. Family story night, in the dark, just got a whole lot more fun!

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was $68.50

A total win for any woodland nursery, but this animal night light works even better for the toddler who says they don’t want to get rid of their nursery night light, but also doesn’t want to draw any attention from unwanted visitors. This is me with my 4-year old. While he still wants to have his night light on, he’s nervous that it might “invite the monsters to come out and play.” So, we’re currently on the hunt for something that’s a bit more subdued and stealthy. This wiley little wooden fox is it.

Comes with a USB cable for charging and a battery block for portability (to take on vacation or to grandma’s house). You can also get it personalized with their name or nickname, which you can pitch as more of a cool thing for their bedroom and less of a bothered-by-bumps-in-the-night security blanket. #ParentHacks!

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Uncommon Goods

What if what keeps them up at night stems from a major change in their life? Like a family move across state lines? It happens and it certainly takes some adjusting on everyone’s part to ease back into normal patterns again. Whether they’re a big kid or a little one, you can help them chase the worries away with a personalized, patriotic twist on a traditional night light. Plug the wooden stand into the wall, insert the translucent acrylic plaque into the base, and it instantly lights up the adorable handsketched artwork on its surface. Each crystalline creation bears your child's name and comes in one of 50 U.S. state-shaped designs. It can be the reminder they need that their home state is only a plane ride away.

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While this neon light kit isn’t a traditional night light, a number of parents who’ve reviewed the product said their children used theirs like one. Designed for kids ages 9+, the kit prompts little makers to create two custom neon signs with EL wire. They can choose from five existing templates, or create one of their own from scratch to hang on their walls or display with the included wooden stand. Not only is the glow certifiably cool and ultra-trendy for a budding home design aficionado, it can wax a little different than a “night light for babies,” because they engineered it themselves.

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Pottery Barn Kids

We totally (rocket)ship this solar system night light for kids with an outer space-themed bedroom. The changing colors and planetary projections have a calming effect, distracting kids from whatever nightly scaries are swirling around in their heads. Instead of counting sheep, they can count spaceships and constellations (a lot more fun, if you ask us!). For an extra-soothing effect, akin to a sound machine, the carousel plays eight songs and eight different sounds. We love the matte white finishing on the shade, too, because it can fit flawlessly into any bedroom space — white or colored walls alike.

10 / 10

This cloud-inspired confection is a dreamy installation, with warm, dimmable LED lighting made for keeping babies and older kids calm for nighttime bliss. Since it’s handmade and hand-painted, it will shine in their nursery or big-kid room. The fun design even works great for a tween or older kiddo!