The Best Kids’ Clothing Subscription Boxes and Styling Services

published Jan 26, 2023
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My two kids surprise me all the time with their stylistic differences. My non-binary eleven year old Lily craves comfort and fun. They could be content wearing the same combination of ripped jeans and graphic tees, with maybe a hoodie and a pair of Crocs every single day, while my four-year-old fashionista Hazel requires sparkles, sequins, and faux fur for any of the two or three wardrobe changes she goes through in a day. And of course, they’re both growing like weeds—sizing out of clothes that it feels like we bought only a few weeks before. Buying clothes and shoes for them is a constant challenge and one that I’m happy to outsource.

Luckily for me, there are some great options on the market right now for kids’ clothing subscriptions and style services that make buying clothes, dare I say…fun? Easier, certainly. From the exclusive, lux offerings of Dopple to the eclectic mix of ‘fits from Rockets of Awesome, there’s a service out there for almost every kid.

Our Top Pick

Our pick for the best kids’ clothing service is Stitch Fix because it offers a large range of sizes, an impressive collection of looks, and flexibility to create a schedule that works for busy families. In the end, I loved Stitch Fix so much for my kids that I decided to sign up for a Fix of my own!

The Dopple

The Dopple is a quarterly subscription service for girls and boys from newborn to 14. With a focus on small, higher-end brands (at discounted prices), Dopple’s ‘drops’ feel very cool and on-trend. Hazel loved her Dopple goodies, which included an adorable fluffy purse, a charming winter coat from Rylee + Cru, the coziest Merino wool pajamas, and a stunning sparkly tutu skirt from Stella Phoenix.

The process starts with a style quiz that allows parents to choose patterns and colors they love and call out ones they don’t. You can choose your budget and size per item of clothing and weigh in on different Dopple clothing collections to hone in on your child’s unique style. Older kids would definitely enjoy helping populate the answers to the style quiz (and getting buy-in on clothes is always a good call). 

Stitch Fix Kids

Like Dopple and other styling services, Stitch Fix Kids gathers information about your child with a detailed ‘style profile.’ Sizes range from 2T to 18, which was especially helpful for me with my bigger age gap between kids. Technically, Stitch Fix isn’t a subscription service; you can cancel or change the frequency of your ‘Fixes’ at any time, which is helpful given that kids grow and change their styles at different rates. After you receive a fix, your child will have three days to try everything on and then decide what to keep. There’s a $20 styling fee that’s applied to any purchases you choose to make. If you keep nothing, you forfeit the $20 fee; if you keep it all, you’ll get a 25% discount. 

I was especially impressed by how different my two fixes were. Hazel’s was true to her style, with a sequin rainbow tutu dress, cuffed skinny jeans with unicorn patches, and a super soft purple leopard print cardigan that she’s worn almost everyday since. Lily, who’s trickier to shop for, loved all of their Fix (except one pair of skinny jeans), which included several snuggly hoodies, a nicer purple sweater, and a long-sleeved Pac-Man t-shirt that got rave reviews.


Kidpik offers clothing for kids from 1 to 16 in shipments that come every 30, 60, or 90 days. With no styling fee, free shipping, and an average item cost around $22, Kidpik is by far the friendliest clothing subscription service on your wallet, and if you keep your entire box, you’ll get an extra 30% off. You can also shop for individual pieces or pre-styled boxes, like “Road Trip,” a cool gender-neutral collection that includes a hoodie, jeans, a graphic tee, camo sneakers, and braided bracelet, or “Stroller in the City, Gemma’s Pick,” which comes with two tops, two dresses, jeans, boots, and a cool hair clip for $101.50.

Rockets of Awesome

If you’re looking for unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else, Rockets of Awesome might be the service for you. All of their garments (for newborn to size 16) are designed and manufactured in-house, meaning they’re literally not available anywhere else. With a box of five, eight, or 12 items every season, Rockets of Awesome has a reasonable pace and price point that make it a smart choice for parents. And unlike the other subscriptions I tried, Rockets lets you take a peek at the garments they’re planning to send before they’re shipped, giving you an opportunity to refine the shipment to better suit your needs.

Founded by a mother of two, Rockets of Awesome seems to understand all of my clothing-related concerns—all of the pieces (even the sparkly ones) are machine-washable, and when my kids have outgrown items, there’s an opportunity to return them through the ‘Reverse Rockets’ program for credit toward our next box. If we keep everything in the box (which is much more likely thanks to that sneak peek I mentioned,) there’s an extra 40% savings. You can also shop individual pieces, outfits, and bundles if you love the Rockets of Awesome style but don’t want to do the whole commitment thing.


Fabkids offers a membership that’s unlike the other subscription services I tried. For around $50 per month, you can choose to shop or not, with special perks, a 30% discount, and personalized picks, by the fifth of each month. Your monthly membership fee will be applied toward any purchases you make, and if you choose to skip that month, your fees will accumulate until you’re ready to use them. With vivid, fun, durable clothes sizes 2-16 that kids love, this is a great, budget friendly choice. Fabkids really excels at their selection of shoes, which, like the clothing, you can shop for individually without a membership.

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