The Best First Barbie for Your Kid Depending on What Else They Love

published Oct 25, 2023
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Dad with a small child at the rows of toys in a children's store
Credit: Ekaterina Demidova / Getty Images

Getting your first Barbie is a rite of passage. They’re such classic, open-ended toys that all kids can enjoy. Because there are so many different Barbies (there are more than 500 different dolls!), there is a doll for virtually every interest. They’re timeless, too — I still have Barbies from my childhood that my kids now play with. 

As for when to get a child their first Barbie, most traditional Barbies are recommended for ages 3 and up. My daughter started really getting into Barbies when she had just turned 5, so 4 or 5 might be the ideal age to introduce their first Barbie. To help you find that perfect first Barbie, we shopped around to find the best Barbies your child might like according to their interests. 

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If they like soccer
was $10.99

This is one of the many Barbies we personally have and love. The doll comes with a ball, cleats, and tall socks to complete the uniform. It’s available in blonde or brunette. At under $10, it’s a good price, too.

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If they want to be a doctor
was $22.99

The Barbie baby doctor, available in blonde or brunette, comes with a lot of fun accessories for your little one to play pretend. The set includes two baby dolls, bottles, a stethoscope, an examination table, and other small toys and props.

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If they like gymnastics
was $33.99

I still remember playing with my gymnastics Barbie from the ‘90s. It was so fun to make her do the same moves I saw the girls do on TV. This gymnastics set includes a balance beam, rings, batons, a medal, various articles of clothing, and other accessories. They’ll be all set to watch the 2024 Summer Olympics with this Barbie.

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If they like camping
was $22.99

This camping set is another option that comes with tons of accessories including a sleeping bag, water bottle, hat lantern, backpack, binoculars, and more. It’s available in blonde or brunette, and there is a similar kayaking option available, too. Kids will enjoy playing with the functional backpack that can store Barbie’s puppy and camping gear.

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If they like ballet

If your little one is in dance class, they’ll love this ballerina doll. Her arms are poseable so you can move them into different ballet positions. To complete the full ballerina look, she has a top knot bun, pointed toes, and a removable tutu.

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If they like yoga

This doll also has extra joints that allow your child to move the Barbie into all sorts of different yoga positions, from warrior one to downward dog. From the neck down to the ankles, there are 22 joints in this Barbie.

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If they want to be a firefighter
was $16.99

The firefighter Barbie is wearing a firefighter uniform, and she comes with a hat, a Dalmatian, a fire hydrant, and a fire extinguisher. Part of the “You Can Be Anything” line of Barbies, this doll can help inspire pretend play — and possibly their career, too.

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If they like dogs
was $22.99

This Barbie is all ready to take care of her three newborn puppies and their mom. Kids can even help the mom deliver her puppies by pushing down on her back. Each puppy has a birthmark that shows up in cold water, too. The set includes bones, toys, brushes, a food bowl, and more. My daughter is anxiously awaiting the arrival of this one under the Christmas tree.

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If they like bike riding

The bike in this set actually works; Barbie’s knees bend so she can pedal the bike. She comes with a helmet to model the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bike, too. The set also includes a basket, a water bottle, and a watch.

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If they like music and singing
was $22.99

Full of fun extra features like a dress that lights up when you lift the microphone to Barbie’s mouth, this doll will make for fun playtime. It also plays music and sings. She comes with a guitar, a headset, a microphone, and glitzy accessories.

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If they like the Barbie movie

If your child loved the Barbie movie, they’ll love this doll styled after Margot Robbie’s look from the actual movie. This is a collectible Barbie, so it’s up to you if it stays in the box or if you’ll let your kids play with it — you can always get a second, we guess!