Before and After: A “Basic” Nursery Transforms Into a Fun, Bright Space (Thanks to Balloon Animal Decals!)

published Apr 10, 2024
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Light wood crib, green tongue and groove up half wall, hello sunshine art

It’s not unusual for parents to decorate a nursery before their child is born. After giving birth, the last thing you likely want to worry about is making the space feel homey for them. However, decorating before they arrive home also lessens the chance that the room’s aesthetic will completely mirror their personality as you get to know them. That’s what happened in photographer and artist Cass Danson’s (@our.home.le.fleur) son’s nursery.

Before Danson’s son, Charlie, was born, she designed the space to be happy but simple. “The space before was just a lot more basic,” Danson shares via email. “Waiting for the baby to arrive, it’s hard to know exactly what you want to do with the space until you meet the little person it’s for.” 

However, as Charlie grew up and Danson got to know his personality more, she wanted to ensure his nursery reflected that. “I wanted to make the change once Charlie started to grow and show more personality,” she explains. “I wanted him to have a fun, bright space just like his little personality.”

It was fate that Danson had recently released a collection of colorful and playful wall decals in the shape of balloon animals and stars, so she wanted to include those in the new room design. But the fun wall art wasn’t the only big change in the room.

Danson DIY-ed the wall paneling using craft wall panels with a rail added to the top to make it taller. She painted the paneling in Dulux’s Rivera Sea to match the colorful wall decals. The thrifted, stained wooden dresser also got a colorful makeover. Danson sanded it down, added new handles, and painted it the same color as the wall paneling.

Danson and Charlie agree that the wall behind the crib is their favorite part of the new room. “It’s just so fun and colourful with the bright wall paneling and decals above it,” Danson says. “He [Charlie] loves the wall too; he will lie in his cot looking up at it, babbling away.”

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