My “Impulse Buy of the Year” Ended Up Being the Best Storage Solution Ever – And I’ve Since Bought More

published May 11, 2023
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As the song goes, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.” What they don’t tell you is that along with the baby come new toys and gadgets, each one with an element that lights up or plays a sound, and ultimately requires an obscure battery that you definitely don’t have on hand. 

After my daughter was born I suddenly started finding myself rummaging through boxes and drawers to find AA batteries and AAA batteries. I was sure I had bought some huge packages at Costco at some point, but, of course, I could not find them. So I bought more, the extras got tossed in a drawer, and the cycle continued. 

Then came the toys with the weird batteries. Have you heard of a C battery?! And the tiny little 23A? Who knew that was even a thing!

Then came the impulse buy of the year. 

I was walking through ACE Hardware around Christmas and I spotted a display with plastic cases called a “Battery Daddy.” (Yes, I know.) They looked like fishing tackle boxes but instead had a bunch of slots where you could store and sort a battery collection. 

I was immediately intrigued so I bought one and gave it to my husband for Christmas. Since then we have turned to this handy container countless times to either grab a battery we needed, or to store an extra battery for later. In fact, I bought another one for my own Dad! All of us love it. 

The Battery Daddy Smart Storage System is now our go-to way to organize, store, and protect all our batteries. Its two-sided case will store all types of batteries, even the coin size ones. In total it holds up to 150 batteries in a container smaller than a laptop. Because of the compact size and shape, it’s easily stored in a cabinet, in a drawer, or on a shelf. As a bonus, the case also comes with a battery tester meter which lets you know if the battery is good, low, or needs to be replaced. (This is a super nice feature.) 

So, if you are ever looking for a gift for new parents or something different for the holidays, the Battery Daddy is more useful than I ever could have imagined! 

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